Hoops Star Considering Jags

With the high school playoffs now concluded, many talented players will be deciding where to further their educations and basketball careers. One such player is starting the process of making that decision.

According to Glaze's coach, Floyd Mathews, Marquise will be evaluating his options. He currently has an offer from South Alabama on the table and several other colleges have called, including a few junior colleges. Glaze has not qualified yet, but that goal is within reach for the talented playmaker with a little more work.

Glaze capped a great career at Sidney Lanier with a stellar senior season. The six-footer averaged 25 points, four assists and three and a half rebounds a game. According to Coach Mathews, Glaze did it all for the Poets.

"His strength is that he does what's necessary," he said. "He can shoot it, but he doesn't try to force a shot. He doesn't try and look for his shot all the time, he tries to include his teammates and the other players around him. He does a good job of that. Sometimes to a fault. He doesn't rely just on on part of his game, he uses all the parts of his game. He's also improved as a defender. When he first got here he had to learn how we play man-to-man defense, but he's become a real good defender."

When he gets to the next level, the question will be what position best suits him. Mathews believes he can help a team at either backcourt spot.

"I think with his size people are going to look at him more a point guard, but he can shoot it. It just depends on what needs to be done because he does a good job at penetration, creating situations off the penetration, that sort of thing."

Time will tell where Marquise Glaze will end up in 2009, but where ever he chooses to go will receive a dynamic player that will be an asset to any program.

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