Jags Searching Florida for Talent

As the South Alabama Jaguars look for players to fill out their roster in the second recruiting class the USA football coaching staff may be courting three, possibly four players from Lakewood High School in Petersburg, Fla. for future seasons.

First in line from Lakewood is outside linebacker Xavius Boyd. Set to graduate in 2010, Boyd would join the Jags in Fall 2010 if he commits to South Alabama. According to Lakewood head coach Corey Moore, Xavius Boyd has a 40-yard-dash time of 4.53, stands at about 6'2" and weighs 228 pounds. His strengths include having a "good nose for the ball" and has a very high football IQ.

"He's a brain, very very smart young man," Moore said. "He's a kid with a great attitude and loves the weight room."

Xavius Boyd's half brother, Bar'ee Boyd, is also playing for Lakewood, and has also caught South Alabama's attention as he heads into his last year of high school football. He has a 40-yard-dash time of 4.41, stands at 6'3", and weights 218 pounds. Moore says he has long arms and has the ability to cover a lot of distance between the hashes and has great range. As far as weakness go, Moore says he switched from linebacker to safety and is still "coming into his own."

"He's another one who is extremely aggressive and has a great work ethic," Moore said.

Upcoming senior Aram Wynn has an opportunity to get a scholarship as well, according to Moore, if he decides to play for South Alabama. Wynn plays left tackle, has a 40-yard-dash time of 5.3, weighs 288 pounds and stands at 6'6". His coach says he has great lateral movement and long arms to help fend off pass rushers. Because of an injury from last year, he is a little behind in his development and is trying to catch up.

"He's a very aggressive player. He has a very good character and is always smiling, but when he gets on the field he's an entirely different individual," Moore said.

According to Moore, these players players have been verbally offered scholarships but official, written offers have yet to come through the pipe.

Moore also mentioned another player South Alabama coaches may be scouting.

Cornerback Jameel Douse stands at about 6'2", weighs 178 pounds, and rivals his teammate Bar'ee Boyd in speed with a similar 40-yard-dash time of 4.41. His strengths include his speed and technique as a cornerback.

"He's a runner and has a good knack for the ball. He's a great kid. He has a great attitude," Moore said.

The former powerhouse program went 7-3 in Moore's first season at the helm of his alma mater in 2008. With the help this talented quartet, the Spartans are hopeful for a return to the glory days.

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