Show Me the QB! - Jags Bag Signal Caller

Most South Alabama fans were aware that the recruiting strategy for the class of 2011 involved offering only a few well-regarded prospects and taking only one for the recruiting class. Well, count those Jag supporters as surprised and delighted when they landed one of those prospects early in the recruiting process. And where they got him from is an even bigger surprise.

While USA is expected to get most of its players from the Gulf Coast area, few expect the arm of the Jags to reach into the southwestern Missouri town of Bolivar. But that is just what they did to secure the services of Kolton Peavey.

How the talented signal caller, who completed 60% of his passes for 2409 yards with 27 touchdowns and only eight interceptions, came into the orbit of the South Alabama coaching staff is an interesting story. Kolt's father, Jack Peavey traveled a long way to play college football himself, coming down from Massachusetts to play offensive line in the early 80's for Troy State University. After helping the Trojans to the Division 2 National Championship, Jack played three seasons in the NFL and then launched himself into a coaching career. He began as a successful high school coach back home in Massachusetts, winning three state titles, and then he moved on to the college ranks as an assistant. One of those stops was at Alabama State in Montgomery. While there he became friends with Bill Clark, then head of the dynasty at Prattville High School and now the defensive coordinator at South Alabama. The two men kept in touch after Peavey left ASU and the Peaveys ended up in Missouri where Jack was the made the head coach of Southwest Baptist University (Jack Peavey is currently the assistant head coach/offensive line coach for Texas A&M-Commerce). That relationship is what brought Kolt and the Jags together.

"I kind of had a connection with Coach Clark from then," said Kolt. "I was on his radar from there when I almost got to play for him in high school."

At high school in Bolivar, Kolt led his team to an 11-2 record and the state quarterfinals as the his coach adapted his usual offense to a spread attack to maximize his quarterback's gifts.

"All the quarterbacks we've had previously have been running quarterbacks, so we've had a pretty heavy option offense," said Peavey. "But I'm way more of a passer so we switched to the spread, which is a lot more comfortable to me as a passer."

Peavey's outstanding junior year not only resulted in the USA offer, but also offers from Troy and Middle Tennessee State as well as serious interest from Tulsa, Illinois, Wyoming and Arkansas State. Outside of his father's relationship with Coach Clark, Holt says there are several reasons why he choose the Jaguars.

"One is that I know the coaches and I trust them. I know they're really good guys. My Dad knows them and trusts them. I like that they are up and coming and are going to be Division One soon in the Sun Belt. I'm excited to be part of a new program. Also, the were the first ones to offer me, right out of the chute. The came here to watch me throw. They came a long way and that meant a lot. I know they're good people and I feel we can win there."

As a senior, Kolt will be part of a young team and he hopes to provide the leadership they will need to make another playoff run. When that experience is over, hopefully not until state championship game in December, he will be ready to bring his skills down to the Gulf Coast and help a young South Alabama program make a run of its own.

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