Big Offensive Linemen Getting A Lot Of Looks

Sumter High's Gamecocks, long a stronghold for the USC Gamecocks, is home to one of the more highly touted prospects in the state for the coming season. And his favorites at the moment may surprise you ...

Eric Young was considered one of the top offensive linemen in the nation last year despite only having two years of organized football under his belt. Another big man has emerged in South Carolina with the same credentials. At 6-4 and 303 pounds with a self reported 5.0 forty, L.J. Anderson is a natural for the gridiron, but his junior season was his first in organized ball.

"I played a lot of basketball growing up," said Anderson. "Last year was my first year playing. They had me playing every position on the line except center last year. I'm really trying to work on my footwork this season to get better."

Anderson is naturally big and fast, and those are two qualities that can't be coached. He is hearing from several schools across the region because of his vast potential.

"I've been hearing a lot from NC State, Miami, Florida, Auburn, Tennessee, Maryland, South Carolina, and Clemson. I really want to take a good look at academics and football, and Notre Dame is probably my favorite school right now. I also like Maryland, Tennessee, NC State, and probably Clemson, but I'm pretty open really."

Anderson is a 3.7 student in the classroom, and his natural size and quickness is going to get him a look from several teams across the country.

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