Staff Predictions: Georgia

The staff predicts the score of the Georgia game. Look inside! Staff Predictions: Georgia
Paul Stewart - Staff Writer
I think this one will be very tight. But with Aaron Murray making his first start on the road, he's going to have to make me see it before I believe it in Columbia. Look for Marcus Lattimore to continue his good work from the Southern Miss game and Stephen Garcia to lead a steady Gamecock attack.

The Gamecock secondary will be the difference in the game as I look for them to produce at least one turnover via interception, and the USC d-line will help contain the UGA rushing attack. The Bulldogs have had great success in this series, but this is the year I believe Carolina will set the tone for the season with a strong effort and a 2-0 start.

South Carolina - 24
Georgia - 21
Jason Ross - Football/Recruiting Analyst
The Gamecocks have been looking forward to this game since last season ended as a chance to make a statement to the SEC that they are to be taken seriously this year as a contender in the SEC East. I think the Gamecocks are going to come out with a ton of energy, so much so that I think it may hurt them a little to start the game if they are not careful. The coaches need to remind the players it's okay to be excited, but they have to play within themselves and under control.

I think the Gamecocks multiple offensive attack will be too much for a rebuilt Georgia defense that is running a new 3-4 scheme to control and handle at the end of the day. I think Ace Sanders and Marcus Lattimore are going to have plenty of opportunities to make plays in space against an aggressive UGA defense. I also think the mobility of Stephen Garcia is going to cause the Bulldogs trouble as well.

On Defense, the addition of Chris Culliver to the starting line-up is huge for the Gamecocks. It adds another body to the depth chart on what will be a hot day at William's Brice Stadium, and it gives the Gamecocks more experience in the secondary allowing Coach Ellis to be much more aggressive with his defensive calls and schemes.

I do expect Georgia to have success running the ball against the Gamecocks, more than what will be comfortable for most Gamecocks fans I believe. The key will be for the Gamecocks to get off to a good start in which they build a lead that will make Georgia have to pass the ball more than they would like thus putting their redshirt freshman QB in more situations to make pivital mistakes. They also need to keep Georgia out of the endzone and force them to kick field goals.

I think the Gamecocks have atleast one interception and one fumble recovery against the Bulldogs, and I think the special teams effort and performance from the Gamecocks this year will be much better than last year.

I think the Gamecocks take advantage of an energized home crowd, a frehman Qb for Georgia, and a Bulldog defense that just isn't quite ready for the matchup problems the Gamecocks will present. As such, I see the Gamecocks winning this Saturday, and making the statement they've been wanting to make since the end of last season

South Carolina - 27
Georgia - 20
David Porter - Beat Writer
Both teams have faced NCAA distractions this week. Both teams will be without guys that made a huge impact in the game last year; AJ Green for Georgia, Weslye Saunders for USC. The game has traditionally been a defensive struggle that is decided by one possession. If South Carolina can have a balanced attack, they will win. If Georgia has success running the ball and can keep the Gamecock offense off the field, Georgia will win. In the end, whoever wins the time of possession and field position battle will win the game. I think this year the Gamecocks come through and beat the Dawgs for the first time in 10 years at Williams-Brice.

South Carolina - 17
Georgia - 13
Ryan Bethea - Photographer
In what could possibly determine the favorite for the SEC East divisional race, South Carolina and Georgia meet at high noon Saturday in Columbia. Expect another tight match-up between the two bitter rivals with the Gamecocks having the slight edge at a sizzling Williams-Brice Stadium and against a A.J. Green-less Bulldog team. USC quarterback Stephen Garcia finishes off the Bulldogs this time around and the Gamecocks improve to 2-0 in a low-scoring affair between two Top 25 programs.

South Carolina - 17
Georgia - 13
Doug Jolley - Staff Writer/Insider
This is my 33rd year following Gamecock football. I remember well my 33rd birthday, which fell on Easter. Then six-year-old Jonathan bopped out of children's church and said, "Daddy, Jesus completed his earthly mission in 33 years. You're 33 today. What have you done with your life?" That was a day of heavy soul-searching. Saturday will also be one of those days, and I believe by the end of the afternoon, the 2010 season will be well on its way to being one of the most memorable for South Carolina fans, because I feel confident that their beloved Gamecocks will fulfill their mission for the day and beat up on the Georgia Bulldogs. USC lacked a solid offensive line in each of Spurrier's first five seasons. Though scarily lacking in depth and missing star left tackle Jarriel King, the o-line looked pretty solid against Southern Miss in the opener. Given the old but usually true cliche that teams improve the most between games one and two, that achilles heel looks to be healed, at least enough to beat UGA. The defense and especially special teams need to give up less points to the Dawgs than they did in last year's shootout. If the offense can then perform at least as well as they did last year, and I actually expect a better performance, then USC should win. Georgia's 2010 offense can and should be contained by Ellis Johnson' troops, 55 opener points against weak competition notwithstanding.

South Carolina - 31
Georgia - 17
Wes Mitchell
Aaron Murray will be making his first career start on the road and he won't have his safety blanket A.J. Green. If the Gamecocks can avoid giving up the big play on Special Teams, they can win this game. It will be another close game throughout, with a late score pushing the Gamecocks ahead by 10.

South Carolina - 24
Georgia - 14

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