The latest on Adams

Scott's Branch (Summerton, S.C.) TE Jerell Adams has been one of South Carolina's top overall targets since the recruiting process began, and Adams took his official visit to USC this weekend to get an in-depth look at the Gamecocks' program.

While Jerell Adams was asleep after a long weekend, his brother and friend Martell Adams, who was also in Columbia this weekend, updated on some of the activities Jerell participated in.

"Everything stood out," Martell Adams said of the visit. "From day one USC has always been No. 1, they've always recruited him highly, same as Clemson."

"Everything basically set out and he got to look at the academic structure. We were in the building [before] but we haven't had the chance [before this weekend] to talk with the advisers about the field he's trying to go in. We sat down [Saturday] and talked to the head advisers and took an in-depth tour of the academic facilities. We spoke with the President. (Saturday) we spoke with Spurrier and Spurrier spoke highly of him. They kind of made him feel even more at home. At home, just a big family. It was all about academics, family, where he fits in and the program that he fits in good with. Everybody likes family. He was all smiles and we were all smiles for him."

All of the recruits took in Saturday's home basketball match-up against Kentucky, with a major highlight been Spurrier's presentation at halftime.

"When it was over with, (Spurrier) let him know ... it was (Jerell), Phillip Dukes and Jadeveon Clowney ... he let them know, 'Hey, that could be y'all in a couple of years," Martell says.

Another major target and South Carolina official visitor this weekend was Phillip Dukes. Martell says the two could end up playing together at the next level.

"Manning is right there, it's about 15 minutes away. They played together in the Shrine Bowl and they were kind of together the whole time. At the O-D game they were together the whole time. And the top schools that are recruiting 'Rell are recruiting Phillip also, so they would love to have that pleasure of playing together [in college] also."

Jerell may officially visit Alabama next weekend (1/28), according to Martell, and Jerell should have a final decision about that trip by the end of Sunday.

Martell says he believes the two major in-state programs are still pretty close to even for his brother.

"It's about 50/50 between South Carolina and Clemson."

Jerell doesn't plan to make a public announcement until National Signing Day, but did inform Spurrier and Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney that the schools would know where he is going as soon as he does.

Swinney has already taken his in-home visit with Jerell, while Spurrier will take his Tuesday or Wednesday, according to Martell. will continue to try and reach Jerell to also get his thoughts on the visit as well as see if he's ready to name a public leader.

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