Harris building relationships at USC

Pepperell (Lindale, GA) OT Kyle Harris has been committed to South Carolina since November after switching his pledge from the home state Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets. Harris was in Columbia on an official visit this weekend, and talked about the highlights of his visit.

Although he previously had a change of heart in switching his commitment to the Gamecocks of the SEC from Paul Johnson's Yellow Jackets, Harris said after this visit that he was ignoring all overtures from other schools and was definitely headed to South Carolina.

"My commitment is solid, South Carolina is definitely where I'm going," said Harris. "I've gotten a few e-mails from Maryland and Cincinnati coaches but that's nothing."

Offensive linemen are usually asked to put on weight when entering the Division I football ranks after high school, and Harris seems ready to do that as he complimented the food in Columbia as some of the best he has tried yet. Along with the delicious cuisine, Harris said he enjoyed the basketball game against Kentucky as well as getting to see more of his future campus.

"Well right when we got there we went to the stadium to eat. We had some of the best food that we've ever eaten, me and my family, and then we got to go out with the players and had a good time with them. Then Coach (Mangus) talked with my family and we got to go to the basketball game, and that was a real good time. After that we just took tours of the campus, and that was about it."

After being hosted on his official visit by Cody Gibson, Harris also singled out his primary recruiter, G.A. Mangus, as one of the big reasons he has chosen South Carolina for his football future.

"He's a really good guy. When I was committed to Georgia Tech he still talked to me, came by the school, and just did he everything he could to get me to South Carolina and that's what I really liked. He's real good friends with my parents and he talks to them every chance that he gets. And that's the kind of coach that I want."

But outside of those two, Harris said that he is building relationships with other players and coaches, including his position coach Shawn Elliot and some of his future teammates on the offensive line.

"The other coaches, they're almost the same as Coach Mangus, Coach Elliot is right there with him. He also talks to my parents every chance he gets and he's just a real cool guy and Coach Spurrier is the same way. As far as the players go, I met Mason Harris this weekend for the first time and he's a real cool guy, also Quincy McKinney and just everybody that's going there, they're just like me pretty much. They like to have a good time and it'll work out as friends for us when we get up there."

Finally, Harris also detailed his plan to earn early playing time, as well as his lofty team goals, which match the high expectations coming from this year's class of Gamecocks.

"I hope to get a starting spot my freshman year, but of course there's a lot of players in front of me. But if I have a chance to get a starting spot, I'm going to work my hardest to get it. As a team I hope we win the SEC championship and go on to win the national championship."

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