Has timetable for offer, commitment

A versatile athlete, he knows what he wants and he could get an offer from his favorite any day now ...

After attending the South Carolina spring game on Saturday, 6-foot-4, 275 pound defensive tackle Matt Raysor left Columbia en route to his vacation spot for spring break. However, when he returns, there could be a surprise awaiting him at Bamberg Ehrhardt High (SC).

"I was talking to my coach, and he asked me if they were to offer me a scholarship, how soon I would commit," says Raysor, who started last season as the team's tailback. "I told him I would commit to. I think he liked that, because they are going to send the papers to the school this week."

With interest from several schools throughout the region, including Clemson, Georgia, and Maryland, from whom Raysor's coach Ron Duncan expects an offer, Matt says that there were several aspects that led to his current high interest in the Gamecocks.

"Basically, I love the atmosphere and the coaching staff. They want me to play defensive tackle, and I have plenty of room to get bigger. People think I weigh about 250 pounds because I am kind of slim, but I really am 275, so there is plenty of room to grow."

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