Defense shines in Thursday workout

The South Carolina defense stole the show at Thursday's spring practice session; with head coach Steve Spurrier calling out his offense for their lack of production and focus. But that wasn't the only news Thursday, as it also was confirmed that USC basketball point guard Bruce Ellington has decided to join the football team.

Steve Spurrier has always been known for his tough love and criticism of things like his offense and especially his starter under center.

And while he is usually frustrated with that quarterback or a wide receiver on a given day, Thursday he took time to single out the entire offensive unit for their lack of production.

Heading into a weekend that will see another scrimmage inside Williams-Brice Stadium, Spurrier was very displeased with a unit that wasn't clicking despite seeing the return of quarterback Stephen Garcia from suspension earlier this week.

"Yeah we cut practice about five minutes short today," said Spurrier. "The offense basically surrendered. Couldn't make a first down against the defense today. It was sort of sad watching the offense try to perform but tomorrow's another day, we'll try to get better (and) see if we can make a first down or two tomorrow."

Hopefully the Gamecocks can get things patched up by Saturday when they will scrimmage in their home stadium in front of what's expected to be another good crowd. With offensive standouts like Eric Baker and Ace Sanders leading the way last weekend, it will be up to that unit to make strides before going at it over the weekend.

"Scrimmage Saturday, everybody's welcome to come out, we'll start about 10:30 (a.m.) Saturday," said Spurrier. "So we're hoping everybody will be there."

However, offensive frustrations were not the only news Thursday as first year Gamecock basketball player Bruce Ellington officially became a part of the football team. He will be limited due to NCAA regulations as to what he can do in the spring, but will become a full fledged member of the team in August. Ellington plans to play both sports while enrolled at Carolina.

"Yeah Bruce cannot participate until actually the summer," said Spurrier. "He has to do one academic year but he wants to play football next year so we'll go about it that way give him an opportunity. He definitely can help us. We think somewhere on offense is where he should play."

After returning from suspension earlier in the week Stephen Garcia has made his way back into the rotation at quarterback and has still been shaking off some offseason rust over his first few days. Spurrier said he was "okay" today but again complimented the defense when asked about his QB.

"He's throwing okay," said Spurrier. "They all did some decent things today but overall we're not real sharp. Defense looks good right now; they're flying around pretty good. We act like we don't know what to do half the time. It was sad watching the offense today but we'll try to get better."

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