Official Offer Now In The Hands Of Local DE

He is fast becoming one of the more high profile prospects right in our own backyard. And it is official now - The Gamecocks have definitely offered. Here is what he had to say ...

Spring Valley (SC) defensive end Mack Frost is open to all and knows what he wants in a school.

"South Carolina, Clemson, Maryland, Duke, and Vanderbilt have offered. Virginia, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee, LSU, and Oregon are just a few of the schools that I am interested in right now. I am just interested in everybody that writes."

Frost finished his junior season with 77 tackles, 6 sacks, and four pass breakups, and has two goals for his collegiate choice.

"I want to major in computer science, so I need a great education and a way to get to the next level and play on Sundays."

Frost attended the photo shoot day at South Carolina during Spring Drills. He was there along with his close friend, offensive lineman prospect Leon Hart, also of Spring Valley. There is no indication so far that both Hart and Frost intend to attend the same school but that is certainly a possibility that will be explored.

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