Five predictions - Georgia edition

Over the course of the season, I will be making five predictions for each of the South Carolina football games. Some may be bold, some may be safe, some may be right on target. This week we take a look at the season opener with East Carolina in Charlotte.

1. Stephen Garcia throws for 200 yards and a touchdown with no interceptions.

Stephen Garcia will not be expected to be Dominique Davis. He won't be expected to throw the ball 30-40 times. He will be expected to manage the game and make plays when needed. The newly-appointed team captain will do just that, throwing for 200 yards and hooking up with Alshon Jeffery for a touchdown.

2. Antonio Allen has another big day.

After his career day last week where he lead the team with a career-high 16 tackles, forced two fumbles, recovered two fumbles, and scored a touchdown. Before that game his most memorable moment was his interception return for a touchdown against Clemson. Allen won't have quite the same day he had last week and won't play as much with the return of Devonte Holloman, but his presence will be known.

3. South Carolina finishes +2 in turnovers.

There won't be nine turnovers like there was last week. I do think the Gamecocks showed that they are capable of forcing turnovers, something they've struggled with in the past. The Gamecock defense will set the offense up in good field position that will result in points on the scoreboard.

4. Lattimore and Jeffery have 100-yard games.

If there is one thing the Georgia defense is focusing on this week it's Lattimore. Lattimore thoroughly embarrassed the Bulldog defense last season and Georgia isn't about to let it happen again. It won't matter. Lattimore may not approach 180 like last season, but he will top the 100-yard mark for the second consecutive game. Alshon Jeffery narrowly surpassed the 100-yard mark last season, but didn't get into the end zone. Obviously Garcia's biggest target, especially in big games, Jeffery will again surpass 100 yards and will score a touchdown this season.

5. Gamecocks sack Murray four times, Clowney gets first collegiate sack.

After not sacking Dominique Davis last week, the Gamecock defensive line is hungry for some sacks. The defense will force the Dawgs into second and third and long situations by stopping the running game of the Dawgs and will have plenty of opportunities to pin their ears back and get after Murray. They will sack Murray one more time than they did last season and Clowney will get the first of many sacks in a Gamecock uniform.

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