Instate Tackle Understanding - Growing Impatient

This big instate South Carolina defensive tackle is taking everything in stride when it comes to offers. But time is running out for one school to become involved in particular ...

Time is nearly up for North Carolina to offer Union (SC) defensive tackle Brian Bishop ... but he is extending their timeframe.

"I am going to give them some more time," says the 6-foot-3, 285 pounder who already has an offer from South Carolina. "I am not going to wait much longer though; probably a week."

South Carolina and North Carolina are most definitely Bishop's favorite schools right now. Although, Tennessee and Virginia have both been making strong moves lately.

Bishop says he has passed along his hopes for an offer from UNC to the North Carolina coaches - and he is extremely happy and tempted with the early offer from the Gamecocks.

"My coach said he called them (North Carolina), and the UNC coach said for me not to commit before he talks to me, but I have not heard from him since then. If I don't hear from him soon I may just go ahead and commit (to USC). But for now I am going to give them (UNC) awhile longer."

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