Five predictions: Vandy edition

Over the course of the season, I will be making five predictions for each of the South Carolina football games. Some may be bold, some may be safe, some may be right on target. This week we take a look at the home opener against Navy.

1. Allen will make a big play.

Antonio Allen has created havoc all season. He's forced fumbles, recovered fumbles, intercepted passes, and has more touchdowns than receiver Alshon Jeffery. He has created turnovers in all three games and if the defensive line gets pressure on Larry Smith, there's a good chance it could become four in a row.

Antonio, you have just been jinxed. Sorry.

2. Lattimore goes for 150 and two scores.

Vandy may focus on Marcus Lattimore. Vandy may load the box. It won't matter. You can really start to tell that the work Lattimore put in during the offseason has paid off. He's bigger, stronger, faster, and in great shape. Until somebody does it, there's no reason to say anyone will slow him down.

I just hope it doesn't take 37 carries to get there.

3. Defense gets three sacks.

Vanderbilt has given up ten sacks through three games so far. It's a safe bet that Elon, UConn, and Ole Miss don't have the line South Carolina does. Smith may be picking himself off the ground a lot Saturday night.

4. Hampton makes presence known.

I don't know what he's going to do, but I just have a feeling that Victor Hampton's first game as a Gamecock will be a good one. Everyone will know he's on the field and will make a difference in the secondary.

5. Jones gets first TD.

Nick Jones had a great game last week against Navy. In fact, it was good enough to earn the redshirt freshman a start this week. This week I believe Jones gets into the end zone for his first touchdown as a Gamecock.

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