South Carolina To Atlanta, Georgia Tech's Regional

Ray Tanner's South Carolina Gamecocks are headed to Atlanta to play in the Georgia Tech Regional. Here is the regional breakdown and hosting scenario ...

1. Georgia Tech 44-16
2. South Carolina 39-20
3. East Carolina 33-25-1
4. Stetson 39-22

The first games will be played Friday.

Eight SEC teams were invited to the post season thanks in large part to Alabama winning the SEC tournament. Five ACC teams were invited despite them dominating the poles during much of the season. Late season losses and poor tournament showings exposed many of the former contenders in the ACC. Clemson however, does go to Auburn as the #2 seed in that regional.

1. Auburn 40-19
2. Clemson 38-20
3. Ohio State 41-19
4. Princeton 27-21

Should the Gamecocks win their regional in Atlanta they will play the winner of the Miss St regional. If Mississippi State were to trip and not win their regional then we understand that an alternative host would be chosen in the event that neither of the two bracket hosts were to win out. We are still checking on this but there seems to be a possibility that South Carolina might still have a shot at hosting a super regional.

Following are the Mississippi State regional pairings.

1. MSU 40-18-1
2. UNC 39-21
3. Missouri 35-20
4. Middle TN State 33-25

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