Recruits react

It was a record breaking season in Gamecock Nation. Look inside as South Carolina commitments and targets react to the Capital One Bowl win and 11-2 season.

Lexington HS (S.C.) WR Shaq Roland - "They had a great season this year. ... They're a program on the rise, a great SEC team. That's the reason why I chose them. They've got a great future. It's looking good for them right now."

"It was a great win for them. 11 wins, that's great. It just shows that all their hard work has paid off [and] great coaching."

Western Guilford HS (N.C.) OT Brock Stadnik - "11 wins, a big season, I can't wait to get their early. Its just an exciting time right now at South Carolina."

"I saw a little bit [of the bowl game] towards the fourth quarter. Obviously, I was at [Under Armour game] practice, but I would have loved to watch it. I heard the offensive line did really well, which I'm proud of them."

Lithonia HS (Ga.) OG Joe Harris - "The game was outstanding. Me and my mama, we sat down here and we watched the whole entire game from kickoff to the last quarter it was an awesome game. I kind of got fired up for the big catch, the big Hail Mary catch that Alshon Jeffery did -- that got the house real pumped up, that was real nice.

"South Carolina just went out there and played, they played their game. Jadeveon Clowney had a big game. Ingram, the other defensive end, he had a huge game. Stephon Gilmore, he's an outstanding player. He's explosive and he's quick off the ball.

"That was a real big year they had this year, 11-2. In my opinion, I think they should have went to the national championship. I'm sure a lot of people won't think that. Hopefully in my future years at South Carolina, I'm able to feel that type of love and that type of commitment that this year's team had, and hopefully we can go on and win a national championship, also."

Stephenson HS (Ga.) S Kyle Fleetwood - "I think it was great! It showed a lot about our team and it showed we could still be successful with adversity!"

Lovejoy HS (Ga.) CB Rico McWilliams - "I think it was nothing but God. The players was working hard to do that and doing everything the coaches were asking them to do."

McEachern HS (Ga.) DE Darius English - "It was great for the program to get its 11th win, next is going to be a national championship."

St. Josephs (N.J.) LB Kaiwan Lewis - "I feel it's been a great season for the program and school. Carolina is becoming a huge force in not only the SEC East but the the whole SEC. It's great to make history when it's good history." 

Cairo HS (Ga.) DB T.J. Gurley - "I liked it. They played physical and shut them out. The defense was coming."

Armwood HS (Fla.) OG Cody Waldrop - "It's awesome and I'm ready to go get a 13-0 season."

Fork Union (Va.) TE Jerell Adams - "Everything was good. The offense moved the ball well and the defense stopped them."

Chapin HS (S.C.) OT Mason Zandi - "It was simply outstanding, they played a great game!!!"

Sun Valley HS (N.C.) WR Jody Fuller - "It was a great season and 11 wins were big."

Williston Elko HS (S.C.) RB Kendric Salley - "I think we finished the season out well although there was some adversity with Lattimore's injury we kept fighting and finished with a history making season"

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