WBB: Tournament watch

With two and a half weeks remaining in the regular season, March Madness is nearly upon us. With the success of the South Carolina women's team in the 2011-12 season, the Gamecocks are in a good position for the SEC Tournament and NCAA Tournament. How good is their position? GamecockAnthem.com takes a look.

The South Carolina women's basketball team took one on the chin Thursday night when it lost to the hottest team in the conference, Arkansas. The 68-47 loss was the worst of the season for the Gamecocks and only the second loss by double digits.

The loss will likely do little to damage the NCAA Tournament hopes for the Gamecocks, but it did do some damage in the SEC standings. A win would have moved the Gamecocks into a tie with Tennessee for second and the Gamecocks would be the #2 seed after the win over the Volunteers. Instead the Gamecocks find themselves in a four-way tie for third with Arkansas, Georgia, and Vanderbilt. The SEC breaks the ties by virtue of head-to-head between the tied teams.

South Carolina and Arkansas are both 2-1 and Arkansas has the head-to-head advantage so the Razorbacks would be third and USC fourth. Georgia is 1-1 and Vanderbilt is 1-3, so the Bulldogs would be fifth and Commodores sixth.

SEC Standings

Kentucky 10-1
Tennessee 8-3
Arkansas 7-4
South Carolina 7-4
Georgia 7-4
Vanderbilt 7-4
Florida 6-5
LSU 6-5
Mississippi State 3-8
Auburn 3-9
Ole Miss 2-10
Alabama 1-10

SEC Tournament

March 1st

Game 1 - Mississippi State (9) vs. LSU (8)
Game 2 – Auburn (10) vs. Florida (7)
Game 3 – Alabama (12) vs. Georgia(5)
Game 4 – Mississippi (11) vs. Vanderbilt (6)

March 2nd

Game 5 – Game 1 winner vs. Kentucky (1)
Game 6 – Game 2 winner vs. Tennessee (2)
Game 7 – Game 3 winner vs. South Carolina (4)
Game 8 – Game 4 winner vs. Arkansas (3)

March 3rd

Game 9 – Game 5 vs. Game 7 winner
Game 10 – Game 6 winner vs. Game 8 winner

March 4th

Game 11 – Game 9 winner vs. Game 10 winner

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