Brown chronicles SC Jr. day

Brookfield HS (CT.) quarterback prospect Boeing Brown made a return trip to Columbia to take in South Carolina's junior day, and the talented prospect gave a unique, detailed account of his time in Columbia. Look inside to read about the trip in Brown's words.

Brookfield HS (CT.) quarterback prospect Boeing Brown made a return trip to Columbia to take in South Carolina's junior day after visiting in November to watch the Gamecocks' annual rivalry game with Clemson.

Brown is not only a talent on the field, but is also a talented and detail-oriented story-teller.

Rather than bog down his impressive chronicle of his most recent trip with other text, we chose to run his full rundown of his time in Columbia.

Here's Brown's account of his trip to Columbia:

I had a great visit at the University of South Carolina this last Saturday for Junior Day. We had a long drive, but made it all the way safely. We arrived to Columbia, SC on Friday around 5:00 PM and got to tour the campus and town on our own. I really love the campus, the facilities and academic programs - they have a degree called Sports Management and Coaching which I really like and as well History/Liberal Arts. On Saturday morning we got up early and arrived at Williams-Brice Stadium around 9:30 AM for the 10:00 AM check in.

We were then on the sidelines and got to watch right up close the full practice and complete Scrimmage Garnet vs White and stood 5-yards behind Coach (Steve) Spurrier and Coach (G.A.) Mangus, it was awesome, we learned so much and had so much fun. Hard NOT to really like it being there.

My parents, brother Baron, sister Bay, and I all really enjoyed it...especially the Red Zone plays, and the passing plays. It was all great and I know I can fit into that offense and scheme especially seeing it up close and personal.

I very much respect Coach Spurrier, he is an icon to me yet in person and with his players he is down to earth, tough but for the right reasons and a very good coach. Coach Mangus as well was great with the offense and Quarterbacks, he was impressive in how he communicates with his players and the reactions of the players to the game really show a close family like environment.

Watching it and seeing it made me want to be a part of it! The fan base was amazing, even with earlier rain, the fans came to see the scrimmage and stayed the whole time, there was at least 500+ scattered throughout the stadium and I bet if the Carolina Derby Horse Race was not going at the same time, the crowd would have been far more.

After the scrimmage, we waited with the other 25-30 prospects and Coach Spurrier then came around personally to each of us individually, he knew me, welcomed me, said nice things about my size and physicality, and said he was so glad we came, wants to see me throw and commented that some good players have come out of CT. Very positive and nice. My brother, sister and I got his picture with him and he was making jokes, it was very cool. Also there watching were the three players working to go to the NFL draft, so my brother and sister got to meet Alshon Jeffery and Stephen Gilmore.

As we all sort of loitered on the field for a few minutes, Coach Mangus and Graduate Assistant QB Coach Brian Turk spent time with us, gave us directions to come over to their new Dodie Anderson Academic Enrichment Center for the Junior Day visit events. Coach Turk then took us on a personal full tour of the Stadium seeing the locker room, weight and strength facilities, the players lounge, trainer offices, and so on. It is all new and really improved, very cool and comparable to the best in the NCAA and with plans to do even more.

We got to the Dodie Anderson Academic Enrichment Center where we checked in, paid for lunch and got to sit with the coaches and other recruits. The recruiting coaches greeted us all and Coach Spurrier gave a State of the Program commentary, others than talked about being a part of the team, team life, family support, expectations, etc. It was very pleasant and amazing. I am really impressed at how intimate and close the whole coaching staff, families and players really are as they even said the kids will often be around watching and some even bakes cookies for the team. The Chaplain is always around, available, helping players with family issues, personal issues, just loving, prayerful support abounds. It really is a family at the University of South Carolina, I love that! Then we were divided by offense and defense, defense went on the bus tours while offense then stayed.

We toured the Dodie Center with the academic directors and found that the study hall, class, guidance, and other support programs are top notch similar to Maryland, Penn State and others, but all in brand new facilities and with a solid support directive. Coach Spurrier is really emphasizing academic success as much as football success. He does not want to just have you eligible to play, he wants you to graduate and earn top academic standing. It is a great, new facility with very caring Academic Directors!

We got onto buses and drove the campus, seeing the old main campus "horseshoe" buildings that were built prior to the Civil War and survived Sherman's attacks, then on to the Student Union where they get mail, food, book store, etc, and then to the dorms, sports complexes, academic colleges, etc. A very detailed tour with Robbie Liles and a few Student Assistants.

We finished around 3:00 and then spent about a half-hour with Coach Spurrier Jr. and Coach Mangus discussing more privately about future recruiting, where they see me and they said "Keep doing all you are doing, we will talk more and more, keep us apprised of your 7-on-7, camps, and showcases, you look good in size, be patient and we will continue to evaluate about 12 quarterbacks and you are right in the middle of the mix. As we talked about your competition and films, we like what we see but need to see you throw for us in person."

I am hoping Coach Mangus will visit my school after the 15th and if he does I hope to have him evaluate me sooner in person, but I have plans to come to the camp on June 14th and throw there. Coach Mangus seemed very impressed with my work ethic, faithfulness, devotion, and to see my efforts driving an hour and more every week to go play 7-on-7 in NJ and the other things I am doing, like driving 13 hours each way for a Junior Day visit. As he said, "it is impressive, keep it going and we will talk more soon"!

So I left with a strong confidence, loving the campus and all, yes, sad no offer, but understanding it all. My family and I then drove from Columbia, SC to Winston Salem, NC to Wake Forest where we caught up with my family and Grandmother. We got to see Wake Forest in the evening, to see my nephews in their band, and even visited with an impressive football player, Godspower Offer who happened to be around that night and we met the Demon Deacon school mascot. We headed for home that night and stayed over in Virginia.

We got to Paramus, NJ on Sunday in time for the 3:00 PM practice and I had a 2-hour practice/scrimmage of 7-on-7 with my All-Star East Elite Warriors team and coaches in the cold, drizzling rain. We did really well, I love throwing to fast, solid wide receiver teammates against good defenders. It was a long and challenging weekend, a ton of driving and getting to places fast, but did it. God blessed me and my family, I am thankful to have had the opportunities and to be considered!

I am going to keep working and giving my all and continue recruiting with other schools, I have plans to go visit several other colleges soon including UCONN, Kentucky, Tennessee, Purdue, Indiana, Wake Forest, NC State, Duke, Vanderbilt, Auburn, Florida, UCF, Temple, Michigan State, Maryland, Illinois, Minnesota, Nebraska for visits and most for camps. I have been invited to the Elite 11, Max Emfingers All-American Bowl, Nike Combine, Junior Rank/Semper Fi Combine with Tom Lemming, VTO in NY, and Rivals 100 Competition, the NUC Five Star Showcase, USA Football U19 Team and the Offense-Defense All-American Showcases/Bowl.

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