McWilliams: I'll do anything to help the team

Freshman CB Rico McWilliams is one of several new Gamecocks who moved in over the weekend and will start Summer I this week. Continue to get to know the class of 2012 by clicking inside.

Defensive back Rico McWilliams is yet another Gamecock signee out of the state of Georgia who arrived at South Carolina over the weekend and will start classes this week during the Summer I session.

"I'm going to miss being with my friends every day, but I feel good about everything," said the former Lovejoy Wildcat. "I've been putting in hard work for me to get here so it should pay off."

He plans to start out at field corner, but said he'll play any position that gives him a chance to affect the game.

"I'll do anything to be the man on the field," McWilliams said. "I'll do anything coach wants me to do. Whatever position coach wants me to play I'll play it."

McWilliams will be rooming with three other rising freshman: Jordan Diggs, TJ Gurley and Chaz Elder. McWilliams and Elder met when they played each other in high school and have kept in touch since.

McWIlliams' favorite NFL team is the New Orleans Saints, and thinks some of the players were dealt punishments far too severe.

"They treated Vilma like he was the coach!" he said.

Asked what he hopes his lasting legacy will be when his career as a Gamecock comes to an end, McWilliams' response was what any coach or fan wants to hear.

"He'll do anything to win. He hates to lose. He'll do anything for the team."

NOTE: This interview was conducted before McWilliams enrolled at South Carolina

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