‘Crazy' atmosphere impresses Dickerson

Gamecock Anthem caught up with big man Jordan Dickerson en route back home after his official visit to South Carolina.

South Carolina coach Frank Martin hosted 7-foot-1 center Jordan Dickerson(IMG Academy, Fla.) in an attempt to strengthen the 2012 class for the Gamecocks.

The timing couldn't have been better, as Dickerson arrived Sunday, the same day South Carolina's baseball team eliminated rival Clemson from the NCAA Baseball Tournament.

"I just came back from South Carolina. It really went good," Dickerson said. "It's a great atmosphere."

Dickerson was accompanied by his uncle, Darrell Crawford, on the official visited. Crawford enjoyed the visit as well, but he was taken back by the atmosphere at the baseball game.

"It was pretty crazy there," Crawford said. "The baseball game was packed. I've never been to a college baseball game in my life. I was blown away from it. I was like ‘imagine if they had a pro team.'

"We didn't get a chance to go to the football stadium, but I heard that's even crazier."

The fans in Columbia also made an impact on the center from New York.

"It was nice. It showed me that South Carolina fans are really down for their school," Dickerson said. "They are really supportive of their school. The whole time I was there they were coming up and asking me about (my recruitment). It shows they are really engaged."

Dickerson got a chance to meet the basketball team and also gel with coaches as well.

"The coaches were great," he said. "We had a good talk. We were talking about our aspirations and what we were looking for. It was nice. I got to hang out with the team, and I was just building a relationship with everyone."

Dickerson recently visited Providence as well, another school he's heavily considering.

"It's a lot that takes place in my decision," he said. "I want to go somewhere I'm going to play at. Playing time is important because it'll help you build. The coaching staff is important. You don't' want to feel uncomfortable.

"School wise, I want a good place off the basketball court and help me keep my grades up. I think it's important to develop yourself on and off the court."

Dickerson got that feel from both schools, so he feels he can't really go wrong with either school, as he feels both are "great schools."

As far as the South Carolina visit, the facilities and school size did stick out to the center and his uncle.

"It was cool," Crawford said. "Jordan got to meet some of the players. He sat down with the coaches and saw the workouts. We went and saw the arena. The arena was crazy. The locker room was nice. It was spacious, and it was brand new. And they are about to build a new training facility. That was the biggest school we've been to."

"The facilities were great, and they have a nice academic center," Dickerson said. "It was a nice university. It was nice weather too."

According to Crawford, Auburn, along with others, is also in the mix. A visit isn't set yet for the Tigers, but there's a good chance it happens.

But if it's going to happen, it needs to happen soon, as Dickerson is ready to decide.

"I definitely want to (commit within the next two weeks)," he said.

One thing that sticks out for the two programs has been their persistence all along with Dickerson.

"Frank Martin and (Matt Figger) were always calling me and contacting me," he said of the South Carolina coaches when they were at their previous coaching job at Kansas State. "They called me before I went to prep school. So I like their loyalty."

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