The Hotsheet Is Updated For The 4th of July!

The Hotsheet has been updated and it reveals one or two subtle thoughts that are telling heading into this final month before summer practices begin ...

Last Updated 4 July 2003

Pos # SRs 2003 JRs 2004 SOPH 2005 FR 2006
QB 5    Pinkins Rathe Swygert*
TB 4    Gray Irons  Summers
           Boyd, C  
FB 2     Turman Edgerson*
WR 12  Donnings Thomas, M Williamson Hill#
  2  Goodman Muhammad   Hemphill Freeman
  (14)   Flint Clark Whiteside
       Taylor   Lee
      Gause, A   Harper
TE 4  Turner Brownlee Boyd, A Pavlovic#
OL 13  Wharton(LT) Alston(LG) Goddard(RT) Mick
  1 Barnes Walker Malloy * Sene
  (14)   Strickland(C) Levey(RG) Hall, J
        Telfort White
          Brown, W# 
DT 7  Jackson, R Thorne Saint-Preux Schweitzer
  1  Scott   Shropshire Tucker Doughty
   (8)       Stroman  
DE 6      Gause, G Scott Johnson#
  1    Capers Person*   
   (7)   Silas(*) Thompson  
LB 10  Garrison Lawrence Laury Brown, R
     Thomas  Coley Lambert* Rice#
     Slay Caldwell Hurley Wyatt  
S 3    Jackson,J  Davis Bennett  
  1(4)       Rogers  
FS 4    Wilson  Ray Wells
     Williams Peoples    
CB 8  Crawford Monroe*   Tyler Erving 
     Robinson, D      Simpson  
ST 2/2 Weaver   Brown, J Stellfox(w/o)
          Windham (w/o)
OFF 41 5  9  11 16
DEF 43 8  12 11 12
SPT 2 1 0 1 0
TOT 86 14 21 23 28 
Bold Black = returning starters ... Italic Black = returning players that must contribute ... # = will absolutely redshirt.
Daccus Turman's situation is pending but we believe he will return under probation because of recent precidents set at Florida and Georgia. 
JuCo players Telfort & Saint Preux need only one class and one C to qualify.  Coley needs two classes and two Cs to qualify. Silas needs four classes and four Cs to qualify. If Silas fails to get in on time he will enroll in January. Telfort has four to play three, Saint Preux three to play three, and both Coley and Silas have three to play two. Right now it appears that everyone (JuCos) will qualify with the possible exception of Silas. Charles Silas is going to be cutting it very very close.
RFr Offensive Lineman Brandon Robinson has decided to leave the team.  This leaves the scholarship total at 86 with it needing to be down to 85 by summer practices.
* DE Person, DB Monroe, & Robinson, FB/RB Edgerson, LB Lambert need to contribute right away in some fashion or ... else. There are a couple of others who are not contributing and they need to buckle down and get the job done. QB Swygert, OL Malloy are knee injury related, not heart or intensity related.

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