Charges Dropped Against Turman

Charges against Daccus Turman were dismissed Wednesday when Magistrate Judge C-L Hudnell ruled that since the female who had initially pressed charges against Turman was not actually living with him, there could be no CDV laws broken ...

Ingrid Williams, Turman's former girlfriend, was charged Wednesday with filing a false criminal domestic assault and battery report on June 10, 2003. Williams had told police that Turman struck her, splitting her lip, only to retract her statement the next day.

Turman's Attorney Nathaniel Roberson pleaded that Turman and Williams, who are still friends, were not actually living together at the time of the incident and that therefore Turman could not be charged with a criminal domestic violence crime of any kind.

Judge Hudnell agreed.

Prosecutor Dolly Justice argued that Williams was living with Turman and that she had intended to live with him during the first summer school session, a period of about a month.

Hudnell did not agree with Justice and refused to consider a lesser charge of simple assault considering the prosecution's initial insistence to press the CDV charges when in fact they had the opportunity to bring lesser charges before Wednesday's court appearance.

Turman has been suspended from the team since the June 10 incident and is now awaiting official reinstatement.

Head Coach Lou Holtz was out of town at the time of the ruling and unavailable for comment. Kerry Tharpe, USC's Sports Information Director, commented that there would be an official statement released regarding this issue at the appropriate time.

Turman played in all 12 games as a freshman during the 2002 season.

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