Spurrier Tuesday Press Conference: UAB

South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier spoke with the media Tuesday to preview the UAB game. Find out the latest from Coach Spurrier in this update on Gamecock Anthem.

The Gamecocks head coach, Steve Spurrier, spoke to the media on Tuesday as his team gets ready to face off against UAB.

There could be some milestones accomplished in this game as Coach Spurrier is going for his 200th win as a collegiate head coach and Marcus Lattimore will look to break the all-time touchdown record at South Carolina.

However, if you listen to Coach Spurrier, he's not all that interested in this kind of milestone.

"I've already got 200. I was a pro coach. I had 47 as a pro coach. I think it was the Mississippi State game back in 2006 (that I earned my 200th career win). I guess I will be as far as college is concerned, but it's not really that big a deal. I think a bigger deal would be hopefully when we get 10 more or eight more to win the most here. That's sort of a neat deal because nobody's ever done it. There's a bunch of dudes who won 200 games (collegiately). That just means you've coached quite a few years and been fortunate enough to stay healthy and not get fired."

Spurrier would also mention that if he wanted to break a record like Bear Bryant's that he would have stayed at Florida.

Coach Spurrier also gave some updates on a few of his injured players today. Here's what he had to say about Connor Shaw:

"Connor did not throw any yesterday. He may throw a bit Wednesday from what I've heard. We won't know his status until at least Wednesday, Thursday or so forth."

Spurrier said Jadeveon Clowney had bruised ribs but he should be fine to practice. He also mentioned that Brandon Wilds has been "jogging around" but that he doesn't expect him to play this week. It will be a "wait and see" approach to if he battles for the third-string spot at running back when he's healthy.

In regards to the UAB game, Coach Spurrier knows his team will have their hands full thanks to the UAB coaching staff.

"They're getting ready for the Gamecocks. Their coaches, including the head coach, was at Arkansas the last several years so they know how to beat the Gamecocks. They've beaten us thoroughly, Arkansas has the last few years. From what I understand this coach they have knows the formula to kick our butts. We expect a difficult game. We'll be ready to play these guys."

Spurrier still thinks, though, that his team is an unknown.

"...going into the third game of the year we're unknown. We don't know if we're any good or not. We'll keep trying to get better and see if we can improve as the season goes.

The next chance for improvement comes this weekend as South Carolina takes on UAB at 7:00 p.m. Saturday night on FSN.

-quotes provided by GamecocksOnline.com

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