Checking In: Ronnie Martin

Gamecock Anthem caught up with Gamecock commitment Ronnie Martin to find out the latest on his season so far and when he plans to enroll at South Carolina.

Ronnie Martin has worked hard to realize his goal of playing football at the University of South Carolina.

After a brief detour, that goal is about to come true.

Martin signed with South Carolina in 2011 on National Signing Day but after failing to qualify, he enrolled at Georgia Military College.

So far this season at GMC, Martin is having a good year.

"The first game started off great. I had a couple of pass breakups and one pick from the first game and against Snow, I had another interception during that game and a couple of tackles. My performance has been good so far. I graded out 96 the first game and 97 the second game. I'm working on getting better every step of the way for the rest of the season."

Martin's future home, South Carolina, has also started off the season well going 3-0 in the first three weeks of season. Martin is excited that he gets the chance to be a Gamecock again.

"I feel great about it. It's part of what I worked hard for and I'm going to continue to work hard to make the Gamecocks successful when I get there."

Martin plans to be at South Carolina in January after saying everything is still on track for him to enroll at the start of next year.

"Yeah, everything is on track. I'm an early graduate at GMC after this quarter. I have good grades and haven't failed a class since I've been here. Everything is on track to enroll."

The official visit is still up in the air for Martin, but he plans to make as many games as possible as his schedule permits.

As far as his future position goes at South Carolina, Martin will line up as a cornerback for the Gamecocks. He's also got a chance to work on special teams as a returner as well.

"I will do both when I get to Carolina."

Martin is excited to be a Gamecock and plans to bring a ton of passion and work ethic to the team when he arrives.

"They are getting a very passionate player who cares for the team and the game. They are getting a hard worker who will do whatever he has to do to succeed in life and make the Gamecocks successful. I am a very aggressive corner who will make big plays at USC and I'm a player the Gamecocks can count on."

Martin's hard work has paid off so far and it looks like that will continue for the Gamecocks in the near future.

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