Fla DE - Gamecocks Still On His Mind

He is fast becoming known as one of the premier pass rushing prospects in the southeast and, we understand that we recently <A Href=http://southcarolina.theinsiders.com/2/121455.html target=_blank>updated this prospect ourselves</A> - but here is yet another bit of insight from a different angle. One which might give you a better clue into what he is thinking perhaps? ...

After moving to Florida in 9th grade after being born and raised in Georgia, Willie Young remembers the first time he went out for football at Palm Beach Gardens.

"Man, I remember going out there and I was real skinny at the time," Young said. "I was tall and only weighed about 180. I came out that first day and they were thinking I was some scrub or something. That's the way it is around here. You have to prove yourself. They gave me a chance and I can do a lot of things on a football field now."

Young, who now checks in at 6-foot-6 and 210 pounds, knows how to rush the quarterback for one. He finished last season with 10 sacks and wants more this year. "I want to triple that this year," he said. "I'm ready to run circles around offensive tackles man. It's going to be fun out there this year."

Young, who also plays varsity basketball, attended three camps this spring/summer. "I went to the NIKE Training Camp to start with," he said. "I did really well there, ran a 4.63 [40-time] and did a 4.3 shuttle. Then I went to the camp that Rutgers had here at my school. Then I went to the D1 camp [in Ft. Lauderdale]."

When asked for a list of current favorites, Young didn't have any idea. "Oh man, God knows who they are right now," he said. "I can't even tell you. I can tell you that I've gotten 11 scholarship offers from schools all over -- South Carolina, Ohio State, Oklahoma, Central Florida, East Carolina, North Carolina State, Nebraska, Georgia, Wake Forest, and Florida."

One of the scholarship offers Young is still hoping for is from the University of Miami. "Miami was actually the first school to call me during the spring," he said. "I spoke to Coach Chud. He was telling me what's up. They're waiting to see what I can do this season and that's cool with me because like I said, I'm going to destroy people out there."

Another offer that Young is waiting on is from Virginia Tech. "My former teammate, Michael Brown, is going there and he's talked about it. They send me hand-written letters and stuff but they haven't offered me yet. I'm definitely interested in them as well. Me and Mike played on opposite sides and I could see myself doing it again."

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