It's Georgia week

South Carolina and Georgia are facing off in one of the biggest games in South Carolina history. Coach Steve Spurrier came to Columbia for moments like this and certainly hopes to continue to prove that the Gamecocks belong when talking about the elite teams in college football.

"It's Georgia week."

With that opening statement from Coach Spurrier, it's time for one of the biggest weeks in South Carolina football history. The number six ranked Gamecocks will take on the number five ranked Georgia Bulldogs this weekend in one of the most highly-anticipated matchups ever for the Gamecocks. Spurrier talked about the magnitude of this game earlier on Tuesday in his weekly press conference.

"It's Georgia week. Both teams have gotten here 5-0. Just looking at the division records of all of our opponents in the east, only three of us have won a division game. The other four have not won one. It's sort of interesting we have a lot of big games coming up. If you're fortunate to keep winning, they all get bigger and bigger as you go. This is a big one for us."

As Coach Spurrier said, this is a big one for the Gamecocks. ESPN's traveling road show, College Gameday, will be in town to broadcast its show from the historic Horseshoe on the South Carolina campus. The last time Gameday was in town? South Carolina upset the number one ranked Alabama Crimson Tide 35-21 in a stunner. It was considered one of the greatest days in South Carolina history.

This Saturday's game has a chance to be right there in the mix with that magical moment on one fall Saturday afternoon back in 2010.

Steve Spurrier talked at length today about how this is the moment that the team and everyone lives for when it comes to college football.

"We look forward to these games. I'm sure Georgia does too. They have a rich tradition of history there. It's fun competing against them. It's fun competing against teams that know how to win also. Hopefully we can prove that we know how to win when the game takes place here Saturday night. It should be a thrilling game for everyone involved."

Thrilling may be an understandment.

Last year's contest between these teams was a high-scoring affair with the Gamecocks pulling out the close win 45-42. It was almost an anamoly between these two teams as the winning team in this series has failed to break the 20-point mark in six of the last eight wins on either side. Also, the team that wins this game generally wins by seven points or less considered eight of the last 11 meetings have been decided by that small margin of victory.

Spurrier attributes these close matchups to how evenly matched these two teams generally are when they face-off.

"I think we're pretty evenly matched most years, the last two or three years anyway. We were here in '05 and lost that 17-15 game that could've gone our way. I think we've played three really close games with them and they've won two out of three of them. Most all of them have been close. I think someone said our largest margin of victory was that 17-6 game here a couple of years ago. It looks like it will be a close game but who knows what will happen."

While Coach Spurrier doesn't know what will happen, he certainly will treat this game with more sense of urgency. The Gamecocks head coach admitted that they didn't treat last week's game against Kentucky with as much importance and emphasis that they normally do.

"We probably didn't treat last week's as big as we should have. As far as your routine during the week it's the same. We maybe didn't yell and scream at our guys as much in practice as we did the other weeks. You try to go one at a time. You don't over emphasize. The bigness of the game adds a little bit on its own. I believe as coaches you have the same routine no matter who you play."

There's one player though who's focused and excited for this weekend's game and that's Connor Shaw. The same goes for other players on the team from the state of Georgia. Spurrier said these types of games give a little extra for those players getting to go against a home state team like Georgia.

"Connor is fired up about playing against his home state university. We have a lot of Georgia guys like that. South players that play at Georgia get a kick out of playing their home state university. Connor, it's his first game action against Georgia. He's ready to go. He's looking forward to it. He's a quarterback that likes the big games and the full stadium."

Georgia presents a tough challenge for South Carolina and Coach Spurrier is hopeful that his team will be ready to play especially his defense.

"It's a big challenge for our defensive guys. I'm sure we'll be ready. Georgia can run the ball and throw the ball. They've done it very well. Hopefully our defense can play a bit better than those (Georgia has) been playing against. That's what we'll find out Saturday night. Our guys are ready to play and they are looking forward to the challenge."

Beating Georgia three years in a row is something the Gamecocks have never done. This weekend gives them an opportunity to add another mark in the record books.

As Steve Spurrier has proven during his time at South Carolina, anything is possible.

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