SEC East scenarios

As the season begins to draw to an end, the race for the SEC East is heating up. Florida sits atop the SEC East but South Carolina and Georgia are right behind and will face the Gators in the next two weeks. We show the scenarios for each of the three teams winning the SEC East.

As much as South Carolina wanted to win at LSU Saturday night, and as painful as the 23-21 loss was, all of their goals are still in front of them. Much like in 2010 when the Gamecocks were defeated 41-20 at the hands of Arkansas at home, they enter the Swamp knowing that they still control their own destiny. That 2010 team went to Gainesville and dominated the Gators in a 36-14 win that clinched their first ever SEC East title. While Carolina won't be able to clinch the title with a win over Florida this season, they will put themselves in great position to do so. A win over the Gators will leave the East's top three teams with one loss apiece, assuming Georgia takes care of Kentucky in Lexington. The Gamecocks and Gators would each be 5-1 and the Bulldogs would be 4-1. Georgia and Florida would meet in what will be an elimination game in Jacksonville and the winner of that game would have to hope for a Carolina loss to either Tennessee or Arkansas at home to win the East. As of today, South Carolina and Florida are the only two that control their own destiny. One of the two will lose that control next weekend in the Swamp.

SEC East standings

Florida – 5-0
South Carolina – 4-1
Georgia – 3-1
Vanderbilt – 1-3
Tennessee – 0-3
Kentucky – 0-4
Missouri – 0-4

SEC East scenarios

Florida – If Florida wins out they will win the SEC East.

Florida would also clinch the East if they beat South Carolina and Georgia. Even with a loss to Missouri in the final SEC game of the season, the Gators would still own the tiebreaker over both Carolina and Georgia.

South Carolina – Despite the loss, Carolina still controls their destiny. Florida and Carolina are the only two teams that don't need help from anybody else. If the Gamecocks win out, they win the East.

If Carolina beats Florida but loses one of their remaining two games, both Florida and Georgia would have to lose one of their remaining games.

If Carolina loses to Florida, Carolina would have to win its last two games, Florida would have to lose their last two games, and Georgia would have to beat Florida and lose one of the other against Kentucky, Ole Miss, or Auburn. That would present a three-way tie with 6-2 records and Carolina would have just one loss to the SEC East, Florida would have two, and Georgia would have at least one loss to the SEC East. Carolina would still own the tiebreaker over Georgia by the head-to-head.

Georgia – Georgia is the only team that does not control their destiny. By virtue of their loss to South Carolina, the Bulldogs have to hope Carolina loses one of their remaining three games. If Carolina loses again and Georgia wins out, the Bulldogs would head back to Atlanta.

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