SEC East scenarios

Florida had a chance to wrap up the SEC East against Georgia. They could not beat Georgia and now the Bulldogs control their own destiny in the SEC East. Florida's loss kept South Carolina's hopes for an SEC East title alive

SEC East standings

1. Florida 7-1
2. Georgia 6-1
3. South Carolina 5-2
4. Vanderbilt 2-3
5. Missouri 1-4
6. Tennessee 0-5
7. Kentucky 0-6

SEC scenarios

Georgia - Georgia can clinch the East by beating Ole Miss and Auburn. Georgia can also clinch the East with a loss to Ole Miss or Auburn if Missouri beats Florida and Arkansas beats South Carolina.

Florida - Florida can win the SEC East with a win over Missouri and a Georgia loss to Ole Miss or Auburn. They could also clinch the East with a loss to Missouri if Georgia loses to Ole Miss and Auburn.

South Carolina - South Carolina can only win the East if they beat Arkansas, Missouri beats Florida, and Georgia loses to Ole Miss or Auburn.

That would set up a three-way tie with 6-2 records. Florida would be eliminated based on two division losses to Georgia and Missouri. South Carolina and Georgia would each have one division loss. South Carolina would then win the head-to-head over Georgia based on its 35-7 win over Georgia earlier this season.

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