From the other sideline: Wofford

Hear from Wofford coach Mike Ayers and his players after the 24-7 loss to the Gamecocks.

Wofford Head Coach Mike Ayers
On turnovers and the overall team effort
Turnovers got us today. If we don't turn it over and take care of the ball then the other side may be a little sad. Loved the effort of the kids and the way that they conducted themselves and know that we really worked hard for this. We didn't come to collect a check, we came to get a win. It's tough when you know you are so close and to know that we almost beat goliath. Also, really proud of our coaches they worked really hard to get our guys dialed in and our boys played and showed up.

On where they go from here and game decisions
Can only go back and hope that we can make the playoffs. We made some decisions in the game whether to go for it on fourth down or not and it really came down to balancing the amount of time that our offense and defense were on the field.

What was the conversation like at half time?
All we did was talk business. There was no rah rah about it, we just talked about what we needed to do to win the game. If we would take care of the ball and not turn it over and play defense we thought we would have an opportunity to be with them there at the end. We did lose two quarterbacks but there were some plays that we cold have run but tried to limit the plays that could get our other quarterbacks injured.

Two stops early in the red zone
Huge. Huge. It really gave us confidence and kept us in the game. We talked a lot of different scenarios and we tried to delve into everything and we could do to beat theses guys. They showed us pretty much everything we expected from them on offense. They thought they could push us around with their bigger athletes, which is why I presume they stayed with the run game because you know those guys are giants.

Eric Breitenstein - Fullback - Senior
On the game overall...
I thought we played really well. Our defense, like coach was saying, played lights out. We had a lot of guys step up and make plays. Offensively, we moved the ball on them. We proved that. Shooting yourselves in the foot, you can't turn the ball over, and that's on me, too.

On James Lawson's play...
We have been saying it week-in and week-out for a couple weeks now. [James Lawson] is a kid that works his tail off and knows what he is doing, and when he steps in there he can play. He showed he can play with anyone in the nation out there. He is a player. He is a gamer. He can step in and do whatever you ask him to do. He played well today. He made some huge runs and picked up first downs when we needed it.

Alvin Scioneaux - Outside Linebacker - Junior
On the confidence coming into the game...
We were confident all week. We knew we always had a chance. They put on their pants just like us. Eric [Breitenstein] was just speaking, we were shooting ourselves in the foot, turning the ball over, stuff like that. If we played sound football in all three phases of the game, we definitely would have come out with a win. Play sound football, and we will get a win. If you turn the ball over, don't contain the ball, put the ball on the ground, then you lose. We have a few things we need to correct and I'm sure we will correct those this upcoming week if we get into the playoffs. We will get back to work, if we get into the playoffs.

On getting pressure on Connor Shaw...
The defensive line as a whole, it was obvious we weren't 6-10, 330 pounds, so we definitely had the speed advantage. We definitely wanted to take advantage of that throughout the game. The entire defensive line got good pressure throughout the game. I credit the defensive line, the linebackers, and coaches.

James Lawson - Quarterback - Sophomore
On experience being on the field...
It was exciting, a lot of people in the stands, a lot of people yelling, really loud on the field. A lot louder on the field than I thought it would be. It was hard to hear, hard to make checks. But it was a lot of fun playing in that environment.

On being pressed into duty again...
We are always ready, no matter what. My dad always told me my whole life, "If you are backup, you are one play away. If you are third string, you are two plays away." You never know what is going to happen every play. There's always a chance that someone can go down, and when that happens you have to be ready to go and step in.

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