Jackson impressed by Nebraska

The Huskers hosted one of the top players in the state of Florida earlier this week when Lamar Jackson came to Lincoln. What were the dual-threat quarterback's thoughts about Lincoln?

Boynton Beach (Flor.) Boynton Beach Community head coach Rick Swain has one of the top signal-callers in the nation running his offense in Lamar Jackson. Jackson, 6-foot-2.5 and 200-pounds, just got back from a recent trip to Nebraska and according to his coach Jackson was impressed.

"He said that the visit was real enlightening," Head Coach Rick Swain said. "He doesn't get too excited about things, but he said he enjoyed talking to the coaches and the players while on the visit.

"He also said that he definitely didn't expect to see what he saw on the trip. I know that he was impressed with Nebraska football in general. Mom was impressed with Nebraska's academics and the tradition that Nebraska has for academic All-Americans."

When asked about the offensive style that Nebraska runs being a good fit for Jackson there was a lot for Coach Swain to talk about. Coach believes that Jackson with Tim Beck's offense is a terrific fit.

"We run the triple option and that's what Nebraska got famous for doing. Lamar is devastating in the pistol and everyone runs the zone read. But, the zone read is really simple to defend if you stick to your keys.

"The triple option, out of the spread with four speedy wide receivers with hot routes, and a quarterback that is confident in the system, knows what he can do plus can run and throw is the best of both worlds."

Jackson is a student of the game and an extension of the coaching staff on the football field. Coach Swain says that Jackson understands what defenses are doing and why a particular play is being run.

"Lamar has gotten good at seeing what a defense is lined up in. And at the same time he knows why we are calling the plays that we are. He's really matured as a quarterback and has a high football IQ."

The big question now becomes can Nebraska lure Jackson back for an official visit? That seems to be pretty far away considering upcoming trips that Jackson is set to take.

"I really don't know if Nebraska can expect him to take an official visit there or not. I know that he's going to Auburn this weekend and then probably going to Florida State and Clemson."

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