Never too Coachable for Dad

Father and coach, Mike Milton talks in depth about his son's recruitment experience and football career.

About 30-minutes north of Baton Rouge (L.A.), lies the small farming community of Ethel.

"The only business in Ethel is milk dairies, cattle farms and a couple of blueberry farms," stated Mike Milton.

Milton is a coach at Silliman Institute where his son and South Carolina commit, Jozie Milton, now plays.

"I grew up in Ethel and had an opportunity to buy the house I grew up in and bought it."

The coach also played at Silliman and went on to play college football as a defensive tackle at the University of Louisiana-Monroe.

A month after graduating, Milton joined the Army, where he spent two tours in Iraq, and has been in the military for 14-years. Now, he works in recruiting for the National Guard.

According to Milton, football has always been a family tradition.

"August through January, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, it was football. The rest of the year, we were getting ready for football!"

Jozie Milton is a 3-star defensive tackle out of Louisiana. He's received national attention from schools all over the United States, such as Mississippi State, Oklahoma State, and TCU just to name a few.

"Jozie is a very humble kid that rarely talks about his recruitment,"stated the proud father. "He talks more about winning a state championship this year and a SEC championship next year and how much he's lifted, improvements he's made or the size bass he caught!"

And Milton would know, he has been coaching him since the age of eight.

"In 6th grade, he was too heavy to play peanut (we have a 175 LB weight limit) so we moved to the middle school. They didn't allow 6th graders to try out, but they made an exception for Jozie (who weighed 260 lbs.)," stated Milton.

"It was a very big middle school with 97 kids on the team, and I didn't know if he would play much, most of the starters were 8th graders, and right before the season started, he had an opportunity to play peewee at Silliman; so I signed him up there, too."

The father noted Milton played for two teams in the 6th grade, in which he coached both.

"We won two championships that year. Turned out, not only did he start for the middle school, he was our star on defense and played DT and full back for the peewee team."

Milton has coached him every year, except for his freshman year he said.

"I really kept waiting for that time when he wouldn't be coachable for "Dad" any more, but that never happened."

Being a father, Milton says he's extremely proud of his son's accomplishments but even more proud of how he has handled all the fame.

"He's still a kid that when he's not in the weight room or on the track, he's fishing somewhere with his friends."

Very humbled, Coach Milton admits, however, it is one of their favorite subjects, and rightfully so. When asked about a favorite memory, the coach couldn't pin down just one.

"It would a very tight race between when he got his first offer from Arkansas, and when he committed to the Gamecocks. My wife made him a cake for both," he chuckled.

Recruiting is not only 100% involvement for the kids. Parents see their 100% on a different scale. Milton, being a coach and father, saw it from both perspectives.

"It's exciting to see college coaches from all over the country, and basically every major FBS program, show one of your players that kind of attention ;especially, when that player is your son."

Mike Milton said his son went to 13 camps before his junior season, and that had a lot to do with launching his recruitment.

"For parents approaching the process, I'd recommend a lot of camps and a lot more patience," stated Milton.

After the first offer, Mike Milton said his son's recruitment really exploded.

"I basically handled his recruitment," he said. "I told him he just needs to play ball and keep improving. I sent out his film and answered questions."

Father, Coach, and Recruiter, Mike Milton wears multiple hats, and it doesn't look like he'll be hanging any of them up too soon. The Milton's have another talent on their hands. 8th-grade standout and younger brother to Jozie, Taylor. The proud father noted he is already 6-foot tall, with endless potential.

As for older brother, Milton says he's been a joy to coach and raise as a son.

"I believe coaching him all these years and him having the success he is having has really built a special relationship between us. I'll miss it next year but I'm also ready to just sit back and be a fan!" and will keep you updated on all of the latest recruiting information on Jozie Milton.

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