Rivalry Trophies in the SEC

Rivalries in college football are the fuel to ignite the fire of competition on the field between certain teams. Bragging rights will be boasted for years to come as each team takes to the turf to defend for for the title. Let’s take a look at some of the trophies out there

Recently, South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier got quite the laugh from the crowd at SEC Media Days on his mention of the new Texas A&M vs. South Carolina trophy. It’s said that the two are competing for an award based off of an Alamo hero who was from South Carolina, but is a Texas standout.

Spurrier, being a Tennessee-native, noted he was taught a different hero in the epic battle growing up.

“It’s a good story. I’m sure Bonham did some good things. I always thought Davy Crockett was the hero of the Alamo, he and those 33 Tennessee guys that came in there and got killed,so forth.”

Tennessee getting killed may have been a little nonchalantly intentional, but nevertheless, Spurrier has some of the best quotes on the board.

Before the Alamo-based trophy, South Carolina already had one involving Missouri coach Spurrier said.

“We’ve got a little trophy with Missouri, because they’re Columbia and we’re Columbia. They call it they Mayors’ Trophy, the mayor of each town. We’ve been fortunate enough to keep that one at home the last couple of years.”

There are certainly a number of trophies out there for several different teams in various football leagues. Let’s take a look at some of the teams throughout the Southeastern Conference.

The Egg Bowl: Ole Miss vs. Mississippi State
This may be one of the most familiar rivalries in college football history. The Golden Egg Trophy is between Mississippi in-state rivalries Ole Miss and Mississippi State. Originating in 1901, the 2013 match-up marked the 110th meeting of the two schools and the 86th Egg Bowl, and State took the trophy back to Starkville with a 17-10 overtime win against Ole Miss. The Rebels hold an overall 61-43-6 advantage in the series and a 55-26-5 edge in the Egg Bowl.

The Golden Boot: Arkansas vs. LSU
This “boot” is made up of 24-karat gold, stands over 4-feet tall, and weighs around 175 pounds. Molded in the shape of the two states for its boot-like appeal, it’s valued for around $10,000. Since 2009, the Golden Boot remains in the heart of Baton Rouge.

Indian War Drum: Kansas vs. Missouri
First meeting in 1891, this unique historically symbolic trophy represents a “border war” between the two schools. The Indian War Drum originated in 1935 and was founded by a couple of Mizzou alumni and embodied the Osage Native-American tribe that roamed the lands before the universities were founded.

Telephone Trophy: Missouri vs. Iowa State
This trophy was actually created by an on-field phone controversy. Prior to the 1959 game, a Missouri assistant coach put on his headset and the wires had been crossed. The coach could actually hear the Iowa State coaches chatting. From then on, the rest was history.

Battle of the Rag: LSU vs. Tulane
The two have been battling it out since 1893. The rag at LSU is known as the Tiger Rag, and Tulane holds the Victory Rag.

Football has been filled with rivalries throughout the years. These trophies are just a few that represent the sportsmanship of these teams and how much the sport itself means within the Southeastern Conference.

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