Kick-Off Countdown: 34 - A History of Winners

The University of South Carolina kicks-off against Texas A&M in just 34 short days. Check out why this number is so special to its football program.

The no. 34 recognizes with fans today as a stepping stone to the gateway of football season. South Carolina kicks-off against Texas A&M August 28th, posing as the first game of the brand-new SEC Network.

Defensive end Mason Harris stands in the no. 34 spot on the roster. The fourth year player is a junior and worked both defensive end and linebacker in his college career. The Fort Oglethorpe, Ga.-native is listed as a second-team defensive end on the preseason depth chart this year. As a sophomore, Harris took on 12-games making seven stops. A fun fact, the Ridgeland High-alumnus has a birthday coming up in a few short days on July 28th.

In 1934, the Gamecocks held a 5-4 record and 2-3 in the Southern Conference with head coach Billy Laval.

Laval coached from 1928-1934, right before Don McCallister stepped on board. He is the fifth most winningest coach at the University of South Carolina and stands with a 39-26-6 record in 71 games.

The coach was multi-talented within the world of sports. He played minor league baseball and held coaching positions at schools like Furman, Emory and Henry, and Newberry College.

Laval spent seven seasons at Carolina as the 17th coach in the programs history.

1928: 6-2-2
1929: 6-5
1930: 6-4
1931: 5-4-1
1932: 5-4-2
1933: 6-3-1, 3-0 Southern Conference
1934: 5-4, 2-3 Southern Conference

Another fact about the no.34, the Gamecocks defeated Wisconsin 34-24 in the Capital One Bowl this past year, ranking the highest in the history of the school. will keep you updated on the upcoming 2014 football season throughout the year.

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