Spurrier: Day 1 of Fall Camp

University of South Carolina head coach Steve Spurrier gives his notes on Friday's first fall camp for the Gamecocks.

As Sandstorm roared over the crowd, fans came pouring in to spectate the Gamecocks first night of fall football camp. The University of South Carolina kicked off its fall camp on Friday night with a two-hour practice session at the Bluff Road practice fields.

Coming in fresh, the players have been at work all summer long, and it looks like it may have paid-off.

“The guys are in excellent shape. Joe Connolly and our strength staff have done a super job as usual during the summer. Our players seemed to have worked very hard and conditioning-wise we’re in pretty good shape,” head coach Steve Spurrier said.

However, as far as play on the field, the 10th-year coach noted there’s a long ways to go.

“It was a decent practice,” noted Spurrier, “but our centers can’t throw the ball back to the quarterbacks very well yet. Whoever can do it will be the starting center, because right now both of them (Cody Waldrop and Clayton Stadnik) were a little bit erratic.”

A little rocky on the offense, but the Old Ball Coach was pleased with Dylan Thompson and other quarterback efforts out on the field.

“Dylan (Thompson) looks good,” noted Spurrier.
Connor Mitch looked much improved tonight. Perry Orth threw some good ones in there. Brendan Nosovitch actually played a little tight end and quarterback tonight. He’s a very good athlete and we’re trying to find a place where he can get on the field and help us.”

Spurrier really likes this team’s attitude entering the season and notes just how important it is to the overall chemistry.

“We’ve got good team chemistry,” he noted. “That means they all get along with each other. We’ll find out if they can all play very well. They players all like each other. Attitude-wise we’re in good shape.”

The Gamecocks will return to the Bluff Road practice fields Saturday night at 7:15 p.m. The practice is open to the public.

Damiere Byrd

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