Day 6 of Fall Camp

Check out notes from Wednesday's practice at the University of South Carolina.

South Carolina decided to work out in the morning for the first time during fall camp. The team practiced for a little over two hours in pads on Wednesday.

“We had a decent practice,” said head coach Steve Spurrier.

Previously on Tuesday, Spurrier decided to throw in the Oklahoma drill.

“Sometimes we think we need to practice a little bit tougher than we do,” noted the Head Ball Coach. “We had a one-on-one Oklahoma drill and we may do it next week, or the week after. It’s sort of unrealistic, but it’s just a toughness drill. Two guys trying to knock each other back is all it really is, but it serves a purpose. “

That purpose is solely to make the team better noted Spurrier.

“Some of the guys are doing very well and some of them need to improve, but that’s why we practice. Nobody got hurt, I don’t think, so it was a good one. We are starting to get use to the heat, so our conditioning is extremely important.”

Quarterback Dylan Thompson seemed to be pleased with the team’s play.

“I think we’re doing a really good job,” Thompson said.

“We’re working really hard, but it’s a process. We’re growing and trying some new stuff. Some stuff isn’t going to look as good right now as it will in the season, but that’s why you get out here and practice it. You mess up a few times, you learn from that, and keep going.”

The senior likes the attitude and mentality of the team at this point of the camp.

“Guys are getting more prepared time and time again. Everyday it seems like guys are getting better. (quarterbacks coach) Coach (G.A.)Mangus spends so much time with us in the room, individually, teaching us. We feel pretty high. We are putting a lot in right now, especially for those younger guys. A lot is going in and they’re catching on and doing a great job. We are on pace, like Coach Spurrier says, we are on pace to go and play.”

Mangus’ time seems to be paying off because he spoke highly and was optimistic about his upcoming team.

“They are all doing pretty well. Connor (Mitch) and Perry (Orth) have gotten a lot of reps, and I’m very pleased with the progress they have made over the summer,” Mangus said.

“They all had good summers and have showed a lot of progress here from the springtime over the summer. It’s been good to see, but we’ve got a long way to go. “

The Gamecocks will return on the field Thursday at 9:50 a.m., changed from the original schedule. The practice is yet again open to the public. will keep you updated on South Carolina throughout the season.

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