Day 7 of Fall Camp: Where's Joe Blue?

Lucky number day 7 of practice was another morning for the Gamecocks at the Bluff Road “Proving Grounds” on Thursday and a day for pondering questions.

Joe Blue, who was denied admission to the University, was a hot topic of the day. However, Spurrier let it be known the football program has nothing to do with admissions.

“The University doesn’t tell us how to run the football program and that’s their decision of who gets into school and who doesn’t. You need to ask them. We’ve got the best president in the country, so I don’t question anything President Pastides is in charge of.”

Getting back on the subject of the actual practice itself, South Carolina spent much of its time working on red zone offense and defense.

“It was ok, not real good though,” said Spurrier of the practice. “We did some new stuff. We were a little sluggish today. “

Practice is scheduled again for another morning at the same time on Friday, 9:50 a.m., and is open to the public.

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