Ward's Confident in the Defense

South Carolina has been grinding on the field to put finishing touches on the line-up for the 2014 season opener against Texas A&M on Thursday, August 28. Set for a 6 p.m. kick-off, Williams-Brice will be sold-out and have a solid team on the field.

Defensive coordinator Lorenzo Ward was the focus of everyone’s attention after practice on Tuesday evening. He noted on just how confident he was in the defense he’s putting on the field to take on A&M in the opener.

“You’ve got to be confident in the young men you put on the field,” noted Ward. “It’s a reflection of you. We’ll play well. We just got to get lined up in a hurry because they’re going to go fast, and execute our assignments.”

Slating who was playing on the field, he noted T.J. Holloman has taken an edge over Kaiwan Lewis for the starting middle linebacker position, and sophomore Jonathan Walton would take over the “will” linebacker position over projected Skai Moore.

“We’ve got nine guys when you count the two Spurs that can play (linebacker),” said Ward. “I don’t care who will start. You can shake them in a bag and I think you get really good players in all of them.”

Both players were listed in the secondary on the preseason depth chart.

Senior Brison Williams and Al Harris, Jr. will take that secondary list at cornerback. Harris, Jr. even received the nod over Rico McWilliams.

“Either one could start,” said Ward of Harris Jr. and McWilliams. “Coach Brown feels good about both of them. Whether (Harris Jr.) makes mistakes or not, Rico will play early. Rico has earned the right to play and so has Al. They both will play.”

Chaz Elder and Chris Moody are slated at safety, above T. J. Gurley and Kadetrix Marcus.

Ward indicated that he would get his 4-2 and 3-4 alignments in early to see which was having the most success. “It will be dictated by their personnel,” stated Ward.

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