South Carolina - Not a Lost Cause

After opening week, it's clear that season-openers do not necessarily highlight or predict a season in the works. However, opening week does give teams a better idea on where they can improve on the field. The Gamecocks' first loss to A&M was a tough one to swallow, and the schedule doesn't get any easier. Facing the Bulldogs in Week 3, South Carolina has big talent to face ahead.

After Thursday’s game against Texas A&M and Georgia’s win over Clemson Saturday night, the Gamecocks’ will have some shaping up to do in this two-week period.

Georgia’s Todd Gurley scored four touchdowns and set a school record with 293 all-purpose yards, to give the bulldogs a 45-21 win over the Tigers on Saturday night.

The RB did what he does best and ran for 198 yards and three touchdowns.

Todd Gurley will show absolutely no mercy on South Carolina’s defense coming to Columbia on Saturday, September 13th. Plus, this Georgia team can really only get better. Coming into halftime, the Bulldogs were at a dead 21-21 game with Clemson and came back in swinging in full-force.

Not only will the defense have to come in hard, but the offense will be facing coordinator Jeremy Pruitt. He designed Florida State’s defensive schemes for the reigning national champs last season.

Gurley touched the ball 16 times on Saturday, and Pruitt’s defense held No. 16 Clemson to just 15-yards in the second half.

Let’s Regroup…

Season openers are completely unpredictable, and that fact has come to surface this weekend.
Alabama’s win was only by ten-points to West Virginia. I think it would be safe to say that the Crimson Tide is not a fan of the Big 12, after last season’s loss to Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl.
Even the Noles, reigning national champions, were rammed by Mike Gundy’s Oklahoma State, taking a slight 37-31 win. Heisman Trophy winner Jameis Winston had only one passing touchdown for 50-yards but still managed to handle himself well on the field, although not nearly with the effort he is known for.
Therefore, Texas A&M’s 52-28 win over South Carolina does not discount the Gamecocks’ for the rest of the season. This South Carolina team is certainly anything but a lost cause. It’s important to keep in mind that this team was highly regarded for its current talent. Although losing members on both sides of the field like Connor Shaw and Jadeveon Clowney, the Gamecocks’ still made it to the top rankings.

Out of three ranked teams that lost in Week 1 last season, only one remained ranked by the end of the season. The team was Vanderbilt, who took a beating by Temple and a thunderstorm on Thursday night.

However, that being said, the garnet-and-black is going to need a lot of work in the upcoming weeks to keep SEC victory hopes alive.

South Carolina was picked to win the Eastern Division title of the SEC this upcoming year, and if they need to beat a team, it’s going to be the Bulldogs.

South Carolina will take on East Carolina this coming Saturday, and Georgia will have extra time to prepare with a bye week on its schedule. Although, the preparation against East Carolina could give the Gamecocks’ a head start and be more in-tune with each other on the field.

East Carolina blew North Carolina Central out of the water with a familiar 52-point lead over the Eagles seven points on Saturday.
Regardless, South Carolina will need to bring difference-makers on the field to have a shot at this Georgia team, by the looks of last night’s game. will keep you updated on the upcoming game in the near future. Follow us on Twitter @GamecockScout.

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