VIDEO:Thompson and Cann- On and Off the Field

When seniors Dylan Thompson and A.J. Cann are together, they are nothing less than entertaining. This past Tuesday was no exception. From their trip to Israel to their friendship off the field, the two display the concept of what it means to be bigger than football. Take a look as the two discuss the upcoming game on Saturday.

“A.J. never leaves me alone really,” joked Thompson leading off of a question about their friendship at Tuesday’s press conference.

It is obvious the two have an excellent friendship and usually manage to get a great laugh out of the media.

“I think that matters in life to have people that are for you all the time,” stated Thompson. “We just have a great relationship.”

Cann noted the friendship is a little more like brotherly love.

“We are more like brothers at this point,” said Cann. “I’ve known him for a while, he’s known me for a while. I go home with him, he goes home with me. The relationship just keeps getting bigger and stronger.”

The two took a trip to Israel this past summer, and Cann says it was a growing experience.

“I just think it’s cool how big football is and how it impacts people,” noted Thompson. “I still got a bracelet on that a kid gave me in Israel.” The quarterback went on to say how the young man told him he watched every Gamecock game of the season.

“We took that trip together and that gave us a chance even more to grow as friends and as brothers”

Check out this video of the two from Media Day during fall camp:

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