'Bent but Never Broken'

Ironically enough, the past two games have kicked-off with a rainbow over Williams-Brice. Faith flows deep through the roots of this Gamecock football team. In the pouring rain, a team that fell by 24-points in its season opener took back its confidence on the field. South Carolina’s win over Georgia defied all the odds and shocked the nation on Saturday night.

A humble, happy confidence filled the media room following the Gamecocks win over Georgia on Saturday. The rain couldn’t dampen the spirits of this South Carolina crew, and head coach Steve Spurrier noted sometimes it’s just meant to be.

“Sometimes all you can say is it was our turn to win, and we were meant to win this game,” noted Spurrier.

Senior Dylan Thompson completed 21-of-30 passes for 271-yards and was an extremely influential part in Saturday's win.

The Measurement

“You know, I don’t want to take credit for this,” said Thompson. “It’s much bigger than myself.”

Deeply rooted in his faith, Thompson has spoken at churches and events on how his life is built around the ministry of Jesus Christ. The quarterback plays an influential leadership role and a noticeably important part in the team’s comradery.

“Obviously first, you play for Jesus Christ,” said Thompson. “The team we have is so close. I knew everybody was writing us off after ‘Week 1’, and that’s fine, but we believe in each other and tonight was a great example of that; we bend but never broken.”

Over the course of the season, Thompson has been a little anxious coming into games. This time, the quarterback said he was a little more grounded.

“I just get excited,” noted Thompson. “I don’t think that’s bad. I was just praying all day, Lord calm my nerves and let people see you in me.”

The Gamecocks were able to score touchdowns on almost all of their drives on Friday night. “We feel very fortunate and blessed and hopefully we can use this as some momentum and start playing a lot better.” stated Spurrier.

A very controversial ball left on the edge of a midfield painted line with less than two minutes left in the game could have been a make-or-break for South Carolina. Senior Nick Jones noted his faith kicked with the anticipation of the call.

"I'm praying," said wide receiver Nick Jones. "Asking the Lord God to help us."

Those and many other prayers were answered for a first down and were followed by a roar of excitement from the fifth largest crowd in South Carolina history at Williams-Brice.

“It was good to come out as a team and believe in each other and have that atmosphere we had tonight,” noted Thompson.

The Gamecocks will head to Nashville, Tenn. next weekend to take on the Commodores at Vanderbilt.

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