Practice Recap: 'We'll...get better'

South Carolina was back on the Bluff Road “Proving Grounds” Wednesday preparing for Saturday’s big SEC Eastern Division match-up against Missouri. Here are the top takeaways from practice.

1. Running back Brandon Wilds is expected to play on Saturday, but David Williams may see more action on the field.
Wilds will return after sitting out of practice due to a shoulder injury and was back in the mix on Wednesday. David Williams gained his first collegiate touchdown at Vanderbilt this past weekend and may see more action this weekend.

“It felt good,” said Williams. “It’s a feeling I want to keep experiencing. I was determined to get in the end zone. I had the mindset that I can’t be denied.”

Although he may not get a lot of playing time, the redshirt freshman understands patience is the key.

“You just have to be patient and you’ve just got to wait for your turn, but when you get your opportunity you just have to take advantage of it, that’s how I look at it.“

2. Offensive line coach Elliott wasn’t completely satisfied with his team’s play on Saturday evening against Vanderbilt.

Coach Elliott said Will Sport will be at right guard with Brock Stadnik and D.J. Park as backups and his unit continues to get better.

“We probably got into a rhythm pretty good after the first six or seven plays,” said Elliott. “They played about average. We’ve got work to do, as every team does. We’ll continue to get better.”

Cody Waldrop (knee)- will not be available for Saturday's game

South Carolina will return to the practice on Thursday.

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