PODCAST: Former Gamecock Bill Gause Talks MBB

The South Carolina Men's Basketball team tipped-off the 2014-2015 term Monday afternoon with a press-conference prior to the first practice of the season. Former Gamecock Bill Gause talks with GamecockPride.com on the additions and improvements to the USC program. Plus, we highlight some of the best Frank Martin moments in the presser.

Some of Frank Martin's most memorable quotes for Monday's press-conference.

On the way you deal with losing a game...
"You deal with love that you've established from your unity from your commitment to one another, and you deal with getting better on that day."

On simplifying things...
"The harder the moment gets, the simpler I get. I want my players to be the same way."

On pressure as a coach...
"You think I'm worried about pressure? For winning games? Please. I come from nothing. If what I do is not good enough, I will go back to nothing. I was happy with nothing. I will be happy with nothing again if that's the path my life is designed to have."
"My job is not to win games, that's what you judge me on. My job is to help people. I keep my focus on that."
"No one puts more pressure on me to help my guys, than me."

On dealing with problems...
“If you don’t want to deal with problems, you might as well stay in your house and don’t ever step outside. We’re ready to step outside.”

GamecockPride.com will keep you udpated on Frank Martin and his team throughout the upcoming season.

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