AP Top 25: Chaotic Week 6

Week 6 may have been one of the most chaotic weeks yet in the 2014 college football season. Only two teams remain untouched in the top five. Out of the new top five, three are Southeastern Conference teams. Let’s take a look at a few key points in the polls as we compare the last two weeks.

AP Top 25 Poll: Week 7
1.FSU (5-0)
2.Auburn (5-0)
3.Mississippi State (5-0)
4.Ole Miss (5-0)
5.Baylor (5-0)
6.Notre Dame (5-0)
7.Alabama (4-1)
8.Michigan State (4-1)
9.TCU (4-0)
10.Arizona (5-0)
11.Oklahoma (4-1)
12.Oregon (4-1)
13.Georgia (4-1)
14.Texas A&M (5-1)
15.Ohio State (4-1)
16.Oklahoma State (4-1)
17.Kansas State (4-1)
18.UCLA (4-1)
19.ECU (4-1)
20. Arizona State (4-1)
21. Nebraska (5-1)
22. Georgia Tech (5-0)
23. Missouri (4-1)
24. Utah (4-1)
25. Stanford (3-2)

1.Arizona upsets Oregon, 31-24: In Week 6, the Ducks were all the way up at the No. 2 spot and beaten by and unranked Arizona. Now in Week 7, Oregon falls all the way to No. 12. The Pac-12 Wildcats now sit at No. 10 above the Ducks.
The O-line is currently missing 4 of its top players because of injuries, and Oregon quarterback Marcus Mariota has been sacked 10 times in the past 10 games.

2.Ole Miss rolls over Alabama, 23-17: This may have been the biggest upset of the entire weekend. The Crimson Tide has been regarded as an unstoppable machine for the most part and known to always take down its opponents. Dropping to No. 12 from No. 3 in the poll this week, Bama has lost three of its last seven games and three straight against ranked opponents.
Now No. 3 ranked Ole Miss, the Rebels are on a roll and showing they are going to be a contender in the SEC West. Undefeated, Mississippi ended a 10-game losing streak to Alabama in the game last Saturday.

3.Auburn is still dominating.: The Tigers took a 41-7 win over LSU last week and moved from No. 5 to No. 2 in the AP Top 25. Auburn will be in a ‘battle of the west’ this week and have a tough opponent ahead, No. 3 Mississippi State.

4. TCU takes a 37-33 win over Oklahoma: The Sooners now find themselves in the land of misfits, ranked at No. 11 in the Top 25 this week. It’s opponent TCU jumped from 25 to nine because of the defeat.
The Horned Frogs may have taken a win away from OU, but this week will stand as another challenge. TCU will take on No. 5 Baylor this Saturday and to follow up, the team will see No. 16 Oklahoma State the following Saturday.

5.Kenny Trill just became Kenny ‘Ill’: After a big opening season game against South Carolina, the Aggies came out to prove everyone wrong and took home the victory to Texas. This past week, A&M wasn’t so lucky against an undermined Mississippi State team.
Texas A&M went from No. 6 to No. 14 in a matter of one week. On the other hand, State jumped from No. 12 to the third spot at the polls.
This week, the moment of truth comes for both teams. Mississippi State’s Dak Prescott has been hailed as an all-star over the past two contest, but Saturday against Auburn will be a tough one for State. The Aggies will find themselves in the hot seat against No. 3 Ole Miss this Saturday. If Texas A&M can pull this off, the State loss may be a thing of the past.

6. Florida State is still being Florida State: Jameis Winston is stands on tables and evidently loves crab legs, and the Seminoles are still on undefeated 5-0 road. FSU has gotten off to some slow starts this year and games that could’ve possibly slipped away, but they’ve always finished off strong.

The No. 1 ranked team will head to New York to take on Syracuse, and then have a challenging Fighting Irish in the ring to follow before hitting a bye week.

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