Practice Notes: Defense Back to the Basics

South Carolina (3-3, 2-3 SEC) was back to the grind on Tuesday, except this time at the indoor facility. The rain may have washed out the Gamecocks outdoor practice, but preparation for Furman (2-4) was in full-speed. The team chose captains for the rest of the 2014 season and the defense will be switching it up a bit.

South Carolina’s Dylan Thompson, A.J. Cann, Sharrod Golightly, and J.T. Surratt have been named permanent captains for the 2014 season. As leaders of the team, they will be a much needed aspect to the team’s overall mentality in the coming weeks.

Head coach Steve Spurrier stated the team has been working hard with senior leadership and the drive to win.

“We’ve been pretty fortunate around here to win our last five or six games,” said Spurrier during his usual Tuesday presser, “whether or not we can do it again is going to be a task. But, we’ve got to try to.”
“We’ve got to try and see if we can become a lot better team starting this week.”

Defensive line coach Deke Adams said that he has had to shorten his rotation due to some injuries on the field. Defensive ends David Johnson and Cedrick Cooper were among those a little banged up.

“We all have to (shorten the rotation) in some situations as we have some guys banged up a little bit,” said Adams.
“We don’t have much of a choice when you get to a certain point. We’re going to try to keep guys in and see what we can do with certain guys in certain situations. It’s game 6, so we’ve got a lot of them banged up right now. We’ve got to get them healed. Some of the guys will be ready, some of them took limited reps today and they’ll be ready before the week’s over.”

Also, the Gamecocks talked about getting back to the basics on defense.

Following a heartbreaking Kentucky loss, SPUR Sharrod Golightly said in Tuesday’s press conference he was looking forward to getting back out on the field Saturday against Furman.

”I think we are trying to get back to the basics and fundamentals and just having fun,” said Golightly.
“I think we lost the fun part of football, and we just got to get back to the basics.

Take a look at what else Golightly had to say at Tuesday’s press conference about the upcoming game.

“We’re trying to play a little bit more base (defense),” noted Adams. “We have some young kids in certain situations that don’t have a lot of game experience. The easier we can make it for them, the faster they play. That’s our goal right now is to play fast and physical.”

For the defense, it’s the simpler, the better.

“We’re just trying to play faster,” echoed linebackers coach Kirk Botkin. “Some of the young guys won’t be thinking as much. Anytime you’re thinking, you’re playing slow,” said Botkin.

The Gamecocks are scheduled to practice again on Wednesday afternoon at the Bluff Road practice fields.

Tailback Brandon Wilds (sprained knee)
offensive tackle Corey Robinson (sprained ankle)
linebacker Bryson Allen-Williams (concussion)

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