Presser Refresher: Tennessee vs. USC

From the days of the Orange Crush to the nightmares at Halloween,Tennessee has been a handful for SC.Under Steve Spurrier,Carolina looked as though they may have finally figured out how to beat the Vols. However,a couple of tough down-to-the-wire losses, especially at Neyland Stadium, have left the HBC with a 5-4 record against Tennessee.Overall, the Volunteers are 23-7-2 against the Gamecocks.

Tennessee may have as many woes as the University of South Carolina. At 0-4 in the SEC, The Volunteers and head coach Butch Jones are looking to wright a ship that is teetering on the verge of collapse. It could be a much different story, though. With an overall record of 3-5, Tennessee has lost 2 games (Georgia, Florida) by only 3 combined points. They also fought the heavy hitters of the SEC West, especially Alabama, with a vigor that has eluded most of the other teams in the nation. Just like the Gamecocks, the Volunteers seems to be only a breath away from a different team, with a different record.

“Yea, we’re struggling,” Steve Spurrier said at his press conference today. “We’ve gone into the last 3 losses either tied or with the lead. We’ve broken down on offense, and in others places earlier in the game.” Spurrier also made sure to note that, “…it was the whole team that lost against Auburn. It was the offense, it was the defense. It was special teams. The coaches. We just weren’t good enough.” The Gamecocks have been beleaguered this year by 4th quarter collapse going into a game that the 4th quarter has historically been significant. “We know our offense is very talented,” sophomore Pharoh Cooper said. “We have a lot of great players at every position, running back, quarterback, receiver. I’m just gonna be the best receiver I can be.” Cooper, who runs the Wildcat set for the Gamecocks, is the 3rd leading receiver in the SEC. He has also celebrated minor success taking snaps himself, with a touchdown against Clemson last year and a completion to Dylan Thompson against Auburn.

The Gamecocks take on Tennessee on Saturday, November 1st at 7:30, at Williams-Brice Stadium

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