PODCAST: Bill Gause Talks Gamecocks

Former Gamecock basketball all-star Bill Gause talks with Gamecock Pride on all things South Carolina. Take a look.

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South Carolina Football Update

South Carolina (4-4, 2-4 SEC) has been busy preparing for Tennessee (3-5,0-4 SEC) at the Bluff Road ‘Proving Grounds’. The Gamecocks will take on the Vols Saturday in a SEC Eastern Division matchup at Williams-Brice.

Bringing in 35-points against the Auburn Tigers last weekend, wide receivers coach Steve Spurrier Jr. is hoping the difference maker can be brought every week.

“Some weeks it doesn’t work that way. Hopefully we recognize that we’ve got good players and when we play well and execute well we can make a difference. We need to keep doing that. We know there’s a lot of things we can do better.”

Defensive coordinator Lorenzo Ward has been optimistic in the week ahead against Tennessee.

South Carolina has been left on a limb this past week and in the dark about Butch Jones’ quarterback of choice going into Saturday’s contest. But Ward said, he has a pretty good idea of who it may be.

“We’ll see the running quarterback,” said Ward. “We’ll see Dobbs, there’s no question. He did a good job against Alabama moving the football. They had their most production when he was in the ballgame. So there’s no question who we’re going to see.”

Tennessee would be making a smart decision, not only because of Dobbs production against Alabama, but the fresh-on-the-field newby would be getting some valuable experience and playing time.

On the other hand, the offense is not in bad shape.

Senior Dylan Thompson says there were some mistakes made that will need to be corrected in order to seize the next opportunity ahead.

“We missed some chances as everyone knows to put up more points. I feel like we should have scored probably 50 to be honest,” said Thompson. “I made some mistakes down there. I think we have the confidence that we can put up however many points as we need to.”

Mike Davis and Pharoh Cooper have covered ground and put up high stats in the Southeastern Conference. Cooper has been an important attribute to this year’s offense, only in his second year with the program.

“I think he’s a pretty good player,” said Spurrier Jr. “I think he’s played about as well as you can. He’s got a lot ahead of him that he can do. He’s proven what he can do. He’s a really talented young man.”

All together, One of the biggest struggles for both sides of the ball is holding it together in the fourth quarter. South Carolina’s inability to finish could have possibly staged the outcome of the Kentucky, Auburn, and Missouri games.

“We have had some bad fourth quarters,” acknowledged Spurrier Jr. “We’ve got to find a way to repeat our second and third quarters with our fourth.”

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