Frank Martin Presser Notes

Head coach Frank Martin held his usual weekly press conference to discuss his team’s advancements in the preseason. Take a look at what he had to say on Monday afternoon.

Brian Steele is back for South Carolina, and Frank Martin & Co. is pretty happy about it.
As a sophomore, Steele saw action in 22 games, averaging 2.2 points and 1.1 rebounds and is noted as a walk-on. He will be an excellent addition to the team moving forward this season.
However, Martin may be a fan of Steele’s hard work ethic, but he’s not a fan of the ‘Steele mustache’. Take a look at what he had to say about his athlete during the press conference.

As a whole, Martin seems to be very happy with his team and their efforts.
“Lack of effort is not a problem right now,” head coach Frank Martin said. “It’s a matter of trying to help guys make better decisions when they’re in the moment.”
South Carolina will need that momentum and effort traveling into its first game of the season against North Florida Friday, Nov. 14. The Gamecocks rocked the exhibition game against Benedict College, taking a 92-47 win. Here’s what Martin had to say about his team.

Rebounding, rebounding, and more rebounding
Martin said USC’s rebounding efforts have really come into play over the last few weeks.
“Rebounding is a big part of what I believe in,” said Martin. “I believe in rebounding. Rebounding is a way you prevent extra possessions. Rebounding is a way you gain extra possessions. Some people believe in steals and low turnovers. I believe in defensive rebounding and offensive rebounding.”
Martin stated he joked with Demetrius Henry about his rebounding improvements.
“He grabbed, in one game, a third of as many defensive rebounds as he grabbed in a whole SEC season.”

It’s all about the positivity “You don’t push them to see them do worse. You push them to see them do better,” said Martin. “And when they do better, we have to point that out to them.”
Martin & Co. is all about preaching positivity to his team and letting them know when they do things the right way.
“We preach it, and when guys do it, we let them know that’s what we are asking them to do and that’s their part to help us win games.”

It’s about preparing for every game, not just the next one up.
Frank Martin was asked about his team’s preparation against North Florida, and he said it’s about not putting emphasis on one game more than another.
“Call me dumb, call me silly; I don’t comprehend guys that get up for a game and not up for another game,” said Martin. “They say when you’re a real good athlete you understand that. Well, maybe that’s why I don’t understand it because I wasn’t a very good athlete. But I know this, I love to compete and I love to win. And when you only get thirty chances a year to do it, I don’t understand how you can put more value on one than the other.”

Frank Martin Opening Statement-Monday, Nov. 3

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