USC vs. Southern Alabama: Press Recap

Meeting the media is always easier coming off a win, and Tuesday’s press conference with the HBC was no exception.

He quips, he puns. He’s in a much better mood that he has been the past month or so, that’s certain. Yes, Steve Spurrier was in a good mood at the press conference before the South Alabama game—one that has to be slightly pragmatic. The Gamecocks host South Alabama at noon, but the highlight of the game may be halftime. “It’s Senior Day…I think we have 22, 23 seniors to be introduced.” A much higher number than last year’s senior day. Spurrier only talked briefly about the seniors, but he did acknowledge that the class had greatly contributed to the success the Carolina program has seen the last 3 years, when the Gamecocks went 33-6 overall.

It wasn’t all reminiscence, though. “We have to come to the ball park ready to play,” Spurrier said, “…they have some guys who can rush the ends…they have a quarterback who is a little more mobile. They’re a good team.” The HBC also noted that the Jaguars have already gained bowl eligibility, something the Gamecocks will need a win on Saturday to do. “[And] our guys haven’t played the way we need them to…some of them haven’t had quite as good a year as in years past,” Spurrier noted, specifically in relation to the wide receiving corps. When asked specifically about Shaq Roland, Spurrier declined to comment, but did say, “He’s probably had better games in the past.”

In true Spurrier fashion, though, he ended with a quip. “I didn’t mean to upset Clemson fans, I have a great respect for Dabo, Venables, all those guys. They’ve done a better job than us this year. I’ll have to refrain from saying anything…for the next couple weeks, anyway.” A wink, a smile…and yep…Steve Spurrier is in a good mood.

Check out what the HBC had to say on Tuesday afternoon.

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