Intro to Armond Davis

ATH Armond Davis from Columbia High School in Decatur, Ga. has letters and interest from various schools in the southeastern region and has been in the game since he was around four-years-old. Now, this class of 2015 athlete looks to take his talents to the next step in his career.

Born in Detroit, Michigan, this Lions fan has received interest from schools like ECU, Appalachian State, and Old Dominion.

Davis says football has become somewhat of a family tradition, and he has been playing the game since he was four-years-old.

“Everybody in my family enjoys football and has always watched it,” stated Davis.

The Georgia Peach is looking to take that tradition to the next level, and when it comes to schools he’s interested in, ECU and Appalachian State are front runners in the mix. However, the prospect notes Middle Tennessee, Florida, and Ole Miss are some he would be interested in as well.

This athlete is positioned at running back and even can play slot receiver, wildcat quarterback, kick return, and star at punt return.

And not only is this football star making plays on the field, but plays in a different light.

“I produce beats. That's something I've done since I was 11,” said Davis.

Having brains and brawns, this class of 2015 ATH looks like he has the future at his fingertips.

Check out my quick-hit Q&A with Davis.
Q:Do you have a player you model yourself after and why?
A: I would have to say Barry Sanders, Chris Johnson, and Reggie Bush. I display there different attributes when I play, and I enjoy watching them play because of their explosiveness and determination to get every yard.
Q: Are you working on anything in the weight room? If so, what is it?
A:The bench press. 280lbs
Q:What's been your favorite part of the recruiting process?
A:Getting to know different coaches and build relationships.
Q:Did you have a favorite college team growing up? If so, why were they your favorite team?
A:University of Florida; because of their speed and explosiveness.

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