Reasons to go to Shreveport

Chase Culbertson is a new writer for This article is meant to be fun and entertaining. Just read and enjoy the opinion of a pretty typical Gamecock fan.

We survived. We made it through a week of Orange Overalls and annoying remarks. We listened with angst as Clemson fans reminded us that “This is how it is” or “It’s back to normal.” But, it is over. They have had their fun and we are still here, ready for redemption, ready for an opportunity to finish the year on a positive note. So, our chance at redemption is in Shreveport.

I get it, I really do. We have had a bad year. We haven’t lived up to the hype. It is true and there is no doubt about it. I also know how it feels to get in the car and drive straight home from Shreveport after a disappointing loss to a decent Missouri team in 2005. I remember barely being awake as I drove through Atlanta heading home angry. As a lifelong Gamecock, I had no idea how good things were going to be in the near future! I had no idea how much joy I was going to feel because of the HBC and his return to college football. Even with all of those things, I still remember that December like it was yesterday and I remember that it was a fun time (until the loss). So, through this series of articles, I will explain why you should get you and yours to Shreveport! Here is a list of reasons:

1) Duck Commander Bowl
I assume that at least some of the Gamecock Nation enjoys Duck Dynasty (although the last couple of episodes have not been great). We have an opportunity to (possibly) meet the Robertsons! I am interested in that, but I really just want to go out to eat with Uncle Si.

2) Redemption for the Senior Class
This group of seniors has the chance to finish with a win. These guys have been a part of some good Gamecock teams and I am sure it bothers them that things didn't go as planned for them. So, for the sake of every recruit to come and every player on the roster, it is important that we support these guys. They have laid it on the line for us; let’s go show our support to them.

3) The FOOD!
Seriously, if you haven’t been to Louisiana, you really need to check it out. The tailgate areas around the stadium had friendly LSU fans (clearly they weren’t playing that day…just kidding, I have several good friends that are LSU fans) that were giving out GUMBO in 2005. I will talk more about places to eat in Shreveport in a later article.

4) It is not Florida
We have complained about ‘another trip to the Outback.’ I never get tired of Bloomin’ Onions, but the same bowl can get old. Think about it like this: at least we are playing someone that IS NOT in the Big 10! It’s been a while!

5) Shreveport/Bossier City Nightlife
I will get in to this a little closer to game day, but if gambling is your thing,this will be one of your favorite bowls to attend.

It’s not the SEC championship, it’s not the Outback or Capital One Bowl, but it will be fun. I will see you guys in Shreveport, save me a huge bowl of gumbo.

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