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Last Updated 8/18/03

Pos # SRs 2003 JRs 2004 SOPH 2005 FR 2006
QB 4    Pinkins Rathe Swygert*
TB 4   Gray Irons Summers
          Boyd, C
FB 2     Turman Edgerson*
WR 13 Donnings Thomas, M Williamson Newton
    Goodman Muhammad Hemphill Freeman(IR)
  (13)     Clark Whiteside#
TE 5  Turner Brownlee Boyd, A (IR) Hill
OL 14 Wharton(LT) Alston(RG) Goddard(RT) Mick(T/Inj)
  (14) Barnes(G) Walker(C/G) Malloy(G) Sene(G)
      Strickland(C) Levey(LG) Hall, J(T) 
        Telfort(T) White(G)
          Brown, W#
DT 7 Jackson, R Thorne Saint-Preux Schweitzer
    Scott, N Shropshire Tucker Doughty#
DE 9    Gause, G Scott, J Johnson#
      Capers Person* Pavlovic# 
      Silas Thompson  
LB 10 Garrison(O) Lawrence(M) Laury Brown, R
    Thomas, R(O)  Coley Lambert* Rice#
    Slay Caldwell Hurley  
SS 3    Jackson,J Davis  
      Gause, A    
FS 4   Wilson   Wells
CB 8  Crawford Monroe Tyler Erving
    Robinson, D      Bennett
ST 2 Weaver Bowers, J Brown, J Stellfox
        Crofoot   Windham
OFF 40 5 8 11 18
DEF 43 8 13 11 9 
SPT 2 1 0 1 0
TOT 85 14 21 23 27

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